Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been Sorta Quiet...But That's About To Change!

All in all, we had a low-key week this past week. About the only new thing I did was attend an opera guild meeting Tuesday morning at the invitation of my neighbor, Alma. Both Alma and her husband Stan are heavily involved with the Sarasota Opera, which, considering I truly enjoy opera, seemed like fate. Anyway, the meeting was interesting; well-run and many, many members. Although not all were at the meeting, there are over 500 guild involved. Well, they just got two more as I signed us up. I have to admit, it's unlikely we're going to go to many of their fund-raisers right now; a bit steep cost-wise. I just checked out the cost for the opening night gala next February. $250 PER. OUCH. And that doesn't include the price of the opera ticket either. But, I figure what with going to the operas and some of the cheaper events (like a lecture on Madama Butterfly tomorrow, it's only $10 per person and there will be wine :-) ), Mr. B can rub shoulders with the area's muckity mucks. Part of my master plan.

We ARE making an evening of it this coming Friday; I bought very good seats for the opening night of Madama Butterfly; partly because I love this opera, but also so that Mr. B will be able to truly appreciate it (his first opera! We'll try out one of countless downtown Sarasota restaurants prior and then meet Stan and Alma at the opera at 7:30. Since they are muckity mucks, they are able to get into the special lounge for muckity mucks and invited us to join them (you must be invited). Again, not a bad opportunity for Mr. B to get his name out there.

Speaking of getting one's name out there, it turns out it's pretty important to have calling cards around here (different from business cards as a lot of the people here are retired and no longer work). Yes, sort of a throw-back to a long forgotten time, but, quaint. I found a deal on Vista Print; 250 cards FREE; only had to pay shipping and handling. I really wish I'd had them Tuesday at the guild meeting as I was asked several time for my card! Well, we have them now.

As for the first part of the week, we plan on going to the lecture Monday. Tuesday is a meet and greet with the Pastors of a church we started attending (yes, yes, yes; this will be the subject of another Blog entry at some point for those of you who just fell off your chairs!) They are a husband and wife team and it's a dessert/coffee gathering for new members (or those still considering such as us) at their home (they live in our community). Thursday night is 648 (a one hour church service; very informal) and Friday is Madama Butterfly! There is a beer festival in Lakewood Ranch on Saturday but I'm not sure we'll be up for that after (likely) a quite late evening Friday.

Today is another totally gorgeous day here in Florida. Mr. B's doing some stuff out in the garage but we're hoping to get out this afternoon; maybe a walk on the beach followed by an afternoon cocktail or beer somewhere by the water.

Don't feel too sorry for us :-)

Mrs. B


Analee said...

lol, fall out of the chair. nathaniel told me you went a while back and i was wondering how it went. i never asked because i figured if it was well, then we'd hear about it eventually (or bad, either way, church can be an experience neutral or crazy! that's why we don't go to one here, they are too crazy here!) i hope you find a neutral one. on another note, enjoy the beautiful weather! it's getting to my favorite time of year here. cold nights, cooler days (not so dang hot so i can wear clothes that cover my skin!) trees are bright colors, everything looks so warm colored (except the air is actually cool!) can you grow tomatoes all year round down there? random.

Mrs. B said...

It's going pretty well. What drew me in (as in, interested enough to go listen for a few weeks) was they were doing a series, "When Christian Get It Wrong"; which spoke to many of my concerns about Christianity (other religions, homosexuality, being arrogant, hypocritical, close-minded, etc.) We do like the Pastors, in particular the husband (of the husband/wife team). Turns out he went to Duke Divinity; while there, they lived not far from Jon and Shannon. Also, he took a class or two from one of Mark's prior next door neighbors. We like the Thursday service; very casual and low-key. Sort of non-traditional; acoustic, guitar music, and he wears jeans and sandals. Anyway, I'll blog more later about it.

Yep, weather's been fantastic here. Don't know about tomato growing; given Mark's aversion to them, it's highly unlikely we'll ever know!