Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're Home!

Arrived safely back in Durham around 1:30 this afternoon. All is fine here; cats sure happy to see us and Uncle Jon took good care of them as it seems there was minimal disruption!
We'll get Lucy on Tuesday. She ended up having a minor surgery the Friday after we sailed; our vet felt he needed to stitch the wound site back up fearing if he didn't, he would take forever to scab over/heal. Lucy's Grammy talked with the vet several times while we were gone and she's doing just fine. Hopefully the 12 days she was boarding there after the surgery will mean she's on the mend for good now. We certainly hope so; both for her sake and all of our sakes.
I do have many, many pictures (and videos) to get pulled together and post. In the meantime, here is one of us on the 2nd night on board; 5.21.10. It was the first of two formal nights. This was our table for the duration of the cruise; a nice quiet one in the back near a window. Not a lot of action going on back there, which was fine with us. We'd originally been seated at a table for TWELVE in the middle of the dining room. Mr. B talked to the head waiter and was able to get us reassigned to this one.

The B's at sea 5.21.10 First Formal Night
More soon. Race Day tomorrow/party at mom and dad's so no further postings until Monday or Tuesday!
Mrs. B

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