Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lucy Update

Smarty Goosie (ya gotta keep your sense of humor!)

We got the results from the path. Not exactly what we'd hoped for as it was a Grade 2 (malignant) tumor. The good news is, though, that our vet is feeling really good that he got it all (he had great margins; clean).
What this all means is that particular tumor is gone. There is still a chance that, since the tumor was so quick growing, it may have metastasized into her blood, which would not be good as then it would spread to her (likely) spleen, liver, nodes or bones.
But, we won't know that unless we put her through a ton of very expensive tests.
There is also a chance she may develop a new tumor in the same place or somewhere else.
So, there are percentages that say this and that; the bottom line is, we're hoping for the best.
We'll talk to our vet in a week (when the staples/sutures come out) about on-going treatment options, if any. He mentioned chemo as a possibility but that has its own risks and complications and it may not even be necessary.
Mr. B and I are pondering/musing/discussing, but, right now, our general sense is that we don't want Lucy to spend any more time than is necessary with a cone on her head, feeling miserable, wearing diapers, throwing up, being contained, unable to run and play in her backyard, etc. We think we'd rather let her live out the life she has left (and we are certainly hoping she'll be in the relatively high percentage of dogs that survive long-term a Grade 2) having fun and being the lovable Goosie that she is.
We'll keep y'all posted after we meet with the vet the week of the 9th.
In the meantime, thank you for all of your love and support. It really does mean a lot. Lucy thanks you, too.
Mr. and Mrs. B

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