Monday, May 3, 2010


The recent bout of humid weather has gone straight to my brain. That, and a week of tending to a dog with a huge divot in her leg which continually leaks gross stuff and a cone on her head which she continually rams into my legs. Seriously, you never realize how much a dog follows you around until they're wearing a bucket on their head.
Speaking of Lucy, she's back at the vet this morning to have her drain checked/re-arranged and to have some stitches replaced. Turns out when we left her alone Saturday, she ripped some of them out. How? Well, we thought we were being smart by turning the sofa in the sun room around so that she couldn't jump up on to it. We put her bed, some blankets, etc. out there for her, along with her big bowl of water and her Kong stuffed with goodies. When we returned from an afternoon of wine tasting and browsing at a pottery festival
I bought a garlic keeper (that is a dragonfly motif)
And a hand painted sugar and creamer set. This just made me smile!
with mom and dad (and a late lunch/early dinner), she seemed just fine. I did wonder why there was no goop on her towels or blankets, but, hoped that meant she was winding up the draining process. Then, on our walk Sunday, I realized I could see the drain. I don't mean either end, I mean THE ENTIRE DRAIN! Later, Mr. B was out in the sun room and noticed that there was "Goosie Gravy" on one of the cushions on the couch (which he couldn't get completely off which just bumped "reupholster the sun room couch" up on the hit parade) so we figured out that she must have jumped over the BACK of the couch; hence, tearing out her stitches.
Suffice it to say, the vet took one look at both the incision site AND Lucy ping ponging off the walls and suggested we keep her sedated for awhile "to give it a chance to heal". She may (or may not) have cancer but you'd never know it from her behavior. Crazy dog.
So, now I'm home with time on my hands; freedom to do a few things without trying to keep Lucy from following me around, climbing stairs, jumping up on couches, and smacking me a thousand times a day with that damn cone. I'm about ready to go upstairs and get a good work out in and then vacuum the carpet. I might groom the cats (they've been a bit ignored of late) and maybe even take a nap.
We are less than three weeks away from our cruise and needless to say, it cannot come soon enough for either one of us. Mr. B is still struggling a bit with the after effects of busy season plus, like me, dealing with Lucy. Neither one of us have been sleeping terribly well, either. Lots on our minds, and not just the dog. He's got a kid who is about a month and a half from graduating from high school, turning 18 and going off to college later this summer, which, although they don't really change our lives any, they are life changing moments for her and for him. Milestones. Me, I'm just worried about the dog. Oh, and the carbon monoxide monitor went off in the middle of the night last night; beeping away for a few seconds, causing the dog to jump off the bed (not good) and us to lay there wondering if there was a real problem or if the monitor is defective. Well, it stopped beeping and we're all still alive, so, there is the answer. Still, now I'm going to call the alarm company and have them install a monitor through the system (along with a cellular back up). I kept meaning to do this; now I will.
So, I'm doodling around on Facebook this am and stumbled across some pictures someone from my high school had posted of a picnic held yesterday that many alumni attended (I, of course, could not since I am in NC and it was in CA). There was a picture (or two) of this one chick named Suanne who I never really much cared for but the boys loved her because she had big tits, a large ass, and was, as my friend Peri put it, "Sorta dumb, so, an adolescent boys dream come true". What I remember about her (other than I didn't like her and she was a complete and total bitch at the 10 year reunion (despite the fact she won an "award" for being the alumni with the most kids at the time; five at age 27; you get awards for THAT?)) was at senior camp, the guys stole a pair of her panties and hoisted them up the flag pole. They then stood around the flag pole and paid homage to the panties by bowing repeatedly while chanting "Suanne! Suanne! Suanne!" over and over again.
Anyway, I about fell of my chair when I saw this picture of her because she looked absolutely dreadful. I mean, awful. The saying "like death warmed over" comes to mind. I suppose there is a chance she's ill, in which case I probably shouldn't be gossiping about her looks, but, still. She easily looks 15 to 20 years older than most of us; those five kids of hers (maybe more, who knows) have maybe given her a hard life.
Tonight is my book club meeting. I was going to host it, but, wisely, begged off due to Lucy. So, we'll meet at a local Italian restaurant (half off bottles of wine Monday night) instead. We're discussion "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. It should be a lively discussion as it appears some really, really liked it and others (like me) felt betrayed by the ending. I watched the movie version of it the other day and, for once, the movie was better than the book.
Mr. B will probably meet The Kid somewhere for dinner, that is, unless Lucy requires supervision (assuming she comes home this afternoon).
In general, I have a busy week ahead of me. So, I'd best get to it!
Mrs. B


Analee said...

girl, for once i think your pets are more work than my two kids. :)

Analee said...

oh, and thanks for the update. i feel horrible for YOU and just bad for her. she can take medicine. plus, like a child, she'll forget it tomorrow. you, however, have to live with the horror of it all.

i still have nightmares about the foot bandages from kendal's toe removal. :( being a parent is hard love sometimes.

i can't believe the kid is graduating. seems like she is still 14.