Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anniversary Dinner at Magnolia Grill

I try to make sure there is a picture of us on each of our anniversaries. This one was taken the night before, so, not technically the right day BUT it was taken during the celebration of our 5th anniversary, so, it counts, right?
As usual, dinner was fantastic. Oh, but the next day, my sweetie had a stupendous surprise for yours truly; yes, I was speechless (for a few seconds, anyway!) Something incredibly special to commemorate our 5th year of marriage.
More on that next posting, which will have to be tomorrow am (or sooner) as we are leaving tomorrow pm for Norfolk. YEY!!!!! Although, my count down widget isn't exactly right; we sail in TWO days,not one, but, hey, close enough for me!
Mrs. B

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