Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome Home, Goosie

After spending an unexpected but for the best week + stay at the vet, Lucy came home this afternoon. She looks so much better! Although the wound is still scary to look at, it IS sealing/scabbing over. Yeah, she still has a ton of meds to take twice a day and now we get to put some goop on her wound as well, but, hey, at least she's back AND we don't have to keep her quite so calm and contained.
The moment we got home, we went for a long walk. I took off her cone so she could enjoy the air and sunshine. She was really, really happy to be out walking. I took this picture when we came back inside before I put the cone back on. She's not quite back to her usual goof-ball smiling self, but, she's getting there!
Mrs. B

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