Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ten Things I Could Talk About For Hours

I got this topic from SIL Analee's Blog. I had to think about this pretty hard as I wasn't sure there were 10 separate things that I could talk about for hours; even so, some of them sorta blend in with one another/overlap.
Here goes (and this is not a Top Ten list meaning "1" is more important than "10"; just a list of ten topics!)
1. Food and wine (recipes, cooking, restaurants, wineries, favorite wines, food and wine pairings).
2. Books and movies.
3. Pets (mine, others, fostering, training, pet memories).
4. People (this subject is a never-ending fodder of conversation! Includes: People I know, used to know, celebrities, ex spouses, random idiots I encounter throughout my day, etc.)
5. Traveling/vacations.
6. Philosophy (mine, others, right vs. wrong, what ifs, etc.)
7. Family, friends and memories (meaning, if I'm with a particular friend or family member, we could go on for hours talking about our shared memories).
8. The News (there is ALWAYS something going on in the World that one could natter about for hours, even if it is to complain/grouse/express disbelief; e.g., are we DONE comparing MJ to JFK yet? PLEASE!)
9. My Hobby Du Jour (known to frequently change once I tire of it, but, while I'm at it, I like to talk about it!) Current hobby: Kitten fostering (which includes discussing the organization we're working with). Other recent hobies: Consulting, Investing, ESL.
10. History (oh, just get me going on the Tudors!)
I'm curious, what are yours? Comment, please!
Mrs. B


Analee said...

:) when i saw the title, i thought i'd come up with YOUR ten list: queen elizabeth (my best guess as to what the queen it is that you like, not sure of which it really was...), wine, cats/pets, crazy people on the symphony board, crazy people that have rented from you (which really makes just a "crazy people" category), italy, vacations/travel (which i guess would include italy...), family members (kids, parents, etc.)... ok, that is all i can think of.

ok, so i haven't read your blog yet, i just scrolled right down to the comments so i could post this list. i can't wait to see how close i was!

Enzo said...

Oh let's see...

10 - Racing
9 - Idiot people
8 - Pro Wrestling
7 - Beer
6 - Traveling
5 - Movies and Movie Business
4 - Conservative principles (Usually starts with a Rush Limbaugh slam from someone)
3 - Politics (except with people I like)
2 - Computers (As long as I don't have to fix yours)
1 - Animals, dogs, cats and how to love them when they pee and poo wherever they want.

Mrs. B said...

Analee, I'd say you came pretty close!

Enzo = Bob from Atlanta, si?

Enzo said...


Margot said...

As you could guess, most of our interests are the same,Mrs. B. Except that I would (reluctantly) emiminate #1 & #9 & add genealogy & computers (ie. my woes w/them).