Sunday, July 5, 2009


Because Lucy doesn't do well with food around our other pets (just ask Lily), we started (at my brother's suggestion) to try to feed her outside. If it's raining, we feed her in the sunroom. If one of the cats (or now kittens) are in the sunroom, we put her in the 1/2 bathroom off the kitchen and shut the door.

Most of you know, too, that Lucy is fairly well trained in that she will sit down next to her bowl and wait for the okay command to start eating.
So, the drill is, after I shut the door, I go sit down at the table. When I no longer hear her gobbling away, I let her out.
Here is the Lucy-ism.
Not too long ago, we went through this drill. I got her bowl of food, put it on the floor in the bathroom, she came in, I made her sit, etc.
I went out and sat at the table and got distracted by an email or something. Probably ten minutes later, I realized it was quiet in there so she must be done.
I opened the door (and flipped on the light as I'd obviously unconsciously switched it off) and there was Lucy sitting next to her bowl with a pathetic look on her face.
Her bowl was still full of food. It was then I'd realized I'd forgotten to give her the "okay" command.
So, she was just sitting there (in the dark) not eating her breakfast because she'd not been told it was okay!
Silly Goose!
Mrs. B

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Margot said...

Poor, well trained, baby!!