Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home From NY

Made it safely home last night around 9:45 pm. We had a great trip! It was so wonderful to spend so much quality time with Mr. B's family and close friends! Pictures coming soon!
The only bad thing about the trip was the drive. Oh, being in the new car sure was nice, but, we got stuck in traffic going and coming. The DC area wasn't so bad but they were doing bridge construction in PA and so it took us about 2 hours longer to get to NY than we planned.
Thankfully, we met Mr. B's family at one of their favorite haunts for dinner and some beers when we arrived Friday night so we rebuilt up our stamina!
Brother Jon and SIL Shannon (and the girls) watched the cats/kittens. Apparently they wrecked a bit of havoc; mostly Ares and Athena (who also ate most of the wet food). Pete and Lily, being the odd-ball Maine Coons that they are, hid most of the time.
Well, they were all out in full-force this morning keeping yours truly from sleeping; pouncing, chasing, fighting, playing, attacking my leg, etc. Here are a few pictures taken a just a bit ago. Pete is sorta pissed off, I think; couldn't get him to look at me. Probably the fact he got his neck stuck in the handles of a brown shopping bag a little before this was taken didn't help. He ran around hissing and spitting; thankfully, he ran right past me and I was able to grab the bag and rip it off him. Too bad I couldn't have taken a video of it; too funny!

Happy Lily

Quite Irritated Pete

Athena and Ares: Do Not Be Fooled By Their Angelic Faces!

Tons to do, including going to pick up The Goose at 3! So, more later!

Mrs. B

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