Saturday, July 4, 2009

Foster Kitty Update

We had a request to take Apollo for a special showing yesterday. A couple in their early to mid sixties had recently lost their (18 year old) cat and were in the market for another one. They already were pretty sure they would want to adopt one of Christy's kittens, Cheerio, because he is black and white (tuxedo) and so was their previous cat. Frankly, I don't really get why people attempt to "replace" their former cats with ones that look similar. I probably would never go out of my way to do so (there are SO many different types of cats out there!) But, I suppose if one came around that looked like, say, Eddie, or Moses, or Nigel, or Clyde, or Buda; I wouldn't be opposed to it either.
The couple had seen Apollo on the Hobbes House website and decided they wanted to see him, Cheerio, and another of Christy's; Cricket.
Call it gut feel, but, I decided to take Zeus along for the ride (and, no, contrary to belief, I did NOT do so so that Apollo would NOT get adopted!)

Me with Apollo (wanted a picture of us in case he would be leaving)

I got there before Christy. The couple arrived a bit after me with their entire family in tow, including two small grandchildren.

I'm happy to say that, in general, both Zeus and Apollo did well with all the chaos. These people knew what they were doing; they all sat on the floor and were very gentle with the kittens, so, that helped. When Christy showed up, I put Zeus and Apollo back in their carrier in order to give her kittens a fair shake.
Long story short; they have decided to adopt Cheerio and Zeus. They left on a week long vacation right after seeing the kittens so they'll come pick their new family additions up next week at the Thon.

Zeusie...going to his Forever Home next weekend!

So, one down, four to go!

Christy assures me that things will pick up after the 4th. I sure hope so! We've got a trip to NY to go on and it sure would be nice to know our fosters had all been adopted!
When I got home yesterday, I made some brownies for our impromptu BBQ yesterday afternoon. Here is a picture of Pete enjoying the brownie aroma! Unfortunately for him, cats aren't allowed brownies!

Mrs. B


Analee said...

ha! i picked zeus to get adopted first!

Doc said...

What BBQ? Why wasn't I invited?

Mrs. B said...

I initially thought it would be Zeus but then Apollo got so darn cute. But, Zeus IS friendlier.

Ares is the one who has decided he's home. We find him EVERYWHERE in our house. Funny how that works!

Margot said...

Congratulations Zeus!! & Apollo's home will come. Loved the pic of Pete giving the brownies a sniff over.