Friday, July 31, 2009

The Blahs

We've got the blahs in the B household. I'm not really sure why, either, as it's not like anything is wrong.
The last time I had a real serious case of the blahs, I quit my job and ran off to Italy. So, good thing my blahs now are not all that bad :-)
Mr. B's got 'em worse. He doesn't know what it is, exactly but it manifests usually when he's at work. Burned out? No. Bored? Not at all. Hates his job? Nope. Want to be somewhere else? Oh, yeah. Summer fever, maybe? Tired? Would rather be at home puttering around working on various projects? Yep, all of the above.
What causes the blahs, I wonder? Are they catching? He said he's felt this way several weeks. I know I've been sort of blah this entire week.
In any event, the blahs have made him a bit short tempered. Not with me, really but for the first time in ages, he got irritated enough with The Kid on the phone last night (who apparently has a long-standing case of the belligerents) to, basically, cut the conversation short and hang up.
In addition to the blahs and the belligerents, we've also got the obstinates (Lucy), the crankies (Pete), the hissies (Lily) and the bratties (kittens) to contend with around here.
Well, it's Friday, at least, so maybe this will help a bit. Except I have a Board retreat tomorrow, which means Mr. B gets to take Apollo and Hera to the Thon. "Oh, joy. Three hours of standing around Petsmart" said he last night.
I suppose he doesn't really have to go. It seems the kitten adopting public have their own case of the blahs, too. In other words, it's been pretty damn slow, very little interest and almost a waste of time going to the Thons.
I don't know.
Mrs. B


Margot said...

Oh dear! When I have the blahs I flake off: read a good book, eat something nasty (eg. a dessert). If Mr. B. doesn't want to go to Petsmart w/Hera & Apollo, tell him to stay home, read a good book & eat a dessert!
just my opinion!

Analee said...

i have the blahs too, but it is more of a depressed-blah than a i-don't-know-why-blah.

hey, maybe i should quit my job and run off to italy.

half way there, sorta! (except i have a hubby and 2 kids and NO money to "run off" with!)