Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Charleston Trip: The End

At this point, does anyone still care? Well, I do; plus, I need the write-up to put in my photo album!
Mrs. B

19 May
Yesterday's weather did not improve much at all. We drove out to Folly Beach to see the place where the deed was done. It was rainy and windy so we only stayed long enough to snap a few pictures (Mark's expression is priceless in this one, I think!)
Anyway, back to Charleston. The weather was still awful so we went to The Charleston Museum and poked around there several hours. Then, we ended up at the pub next to the inn for a few beers (we've always meant to stop in here since it's so close to the inn; finally did it!)
We decided to have a low key dinner (read: not as expensive) so we tried a place on the corner of E. Bay called Southend Brewery. Well, it was definitely cheaper! Actually, it wasn't bad (but nothing to write home about). Read my review here. It certainly is an alternative to all the very expensive places. The beer was so-so, though and our waitress was out and out spacey.
We met the GM of the inn! She recognized me because she'd seen my Blog post "At the Vendue Inn" where I am sitting in the middle of the huge bed and said I felt like Edith Ann. That was sort of neat! We just saw her again this morning at breakfast; she asked "And how is Edith Ann this morning?"
So, today is our last full day here (until our next visit, of course!) We were planning on Ft. Sumter but the weather is still chilly and we don't have the right clothes for a 75 minute boat ride on choppy water. I guess this means we'll wander around the market buying gifts.
Dinner tonight at The Library (the inn's restaurant) at 7:30!
20 May
On our way home shortly; just time enough to finish writing about our visit.
Yesterday turned out fine despite not being able to go to Ft. Sumter. After our stint at the market, we ended up back at The Griffon (the pub next door; read my review here) and then hung around the room until dinner time. Very relaxing, almost TOO relaxing!
Dinner at The Library was quite good. I had a sweet pea soup; Mark had shrimp bisque. He had fish; I had a smoked pork chop. We split a peanut butter chocolate cake (a PIECE; not the entire cake!) The place was relatively deserted but I suppose it was a Tuesday night. Here is my review; we'd probably go back.

Then, back up to The Rooftop Bar for scotch and cigars.
So, onward home to our "kids"!
Here's my review of the Vendue Inn.
Until next time, Charleston!

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