Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Trip to Alexandria/DC

Mom and I went up to Alexandria/DC last Sunday to visit with sister Kathy for a few days. All in all, we had a really nice time (despite the fact there were "health" concerns regarding loved ones back home). It was great seeing Kathy and having her as a tour guide. She definitely knows her city!
Here are a few pictures from the journey (with a bit of commentary).
Mrs. B
View from our table at Ristorante Geranio Sunday night. The car out the window is a "Hip Hop" car. I'd never seen one before! It pulled up to the light, stopped, and flipped over onto its side.
Apres dinner. The food was decent enough, especially the calamari!
Kathy and Mom inside the Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress. Mom was there to get a CD of her Uncle Andy's interview for the Veteran's Project. We finally tracked it down although it was a comedy of errors. The volunteer staff need a bit more training, me thinks!
There was a special exhibit at the Library of Congress on the Gershwin Brothers, George and Ira. Here is George's piano. I didn't realize that he'd passed away so young (38) while Ira lived into his 80s.
Mom and Mrs. B in front of the Capitol. Yes, we do look a like (identical shirts not with standing!)
Sisters. What a lovely day! Kathy drove us around DC (since she knew where she was going and that way, I didn't have to attempt to parallel park!)
In front of the Washington Monument. I'd say mid-April is a good time to visit DC. Not too many tourists and the weather was mild. It was a beautiful day Monday! It did rain quite a bit on Tuesday, however.
Hanging out in our room at the Sheraton Suites, Old Town Alexandria. The hotel was ok; the location its strongest point (convenient to everything, including Kathy's apartment).

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Analee said...

that car is crazy! how do they get it up on one side like that??? wild. kendal would have loved it!!!

(ps now i am hungry for ginger snaps.)