Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doggie Dissing

You know, we just don't understand the ways in which dogs communicate with one another. And, on top of it, we attempt to impose OUR standards of how to behave in polite society on our pooches when we think they are acting up when they see another dog walking down the street.
Such as.
I'm with Lucy and we're heading down our road. All's fine; she's got her nose to the ground sniffing away, tail wagging to and fro. Then, she spots another dog either ahead of her or coming towards her and she immediately starts this behavior of sorta huffing and puffing (posturing); her hair goes up on her back, ears are straight up, and, if the other dog is getting closer, she might start to strain at her leash. My usual reaction is to tell her to stop it.
If the other dog even remotely looks at her, she might lunge towards it; if the other dog lunges at HER, she will most certainly lunge back while growling and/or barking. Once this happens, she usually gets a very stern snap to the collar.
Yet, I got to thinking about this a few weeks ago and realized maybe I just don't get it. I mean, for all I know, the other dog, while approaching/passing may be communicating in some doggie way the following:
"Ha ha ha you dumb blonde! You can't catch me and your momma's mean and you've got a fat butt!"
"Hey, you, yeah, you! I can take you! Yes I can! You want a piece of me? You wanna PIECE of me? Good luck, Blondie!" You couldn't find your ass with all four paws!"
"You're stupid. Every time I see you, you do the same thing. When are you gonna get a clue? You're on a LEASH, you moron!"
So, maybe I'll give her a little bit of a break from now on. I mean, how would I feel if, if the situation was reversed?
Mrs. B


Analee said...

fat butt. that was a cute post. if i was on a leash, i'd probably bite my master's ankle.

Margot said...

You might try letting up a bit on Lucy when she gets in sight of another dog. Don't let her take out the other dog & its owner. Don't let her turn you into a twirling dervish.

But tell her that everything's ok, then let her let her bounce around & bark all she wants.

See what happens.

I like how Lucy behaved when we encountered the goof ball puppy. Gave the pup a shove & several "Don't mess w/me, I can mop the street with you" barks and snarls.

Some, such as Liese, are I Love Everybody dogs. Others are very jealous of their territories with unknown dogs.

Bottom line is that Lucy's a terrific dog!