Sunday, April 25, 2010

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Gala Last Night

Ready to go!
Messing around in the bathroom trying to get the hair just right!

We got all gussied up for a the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation gala in Raleigh. Actually, we were filling in for Mr. B's boss/wife.
Boy, of all the times I've been to formal events since moving to Durham, I've always felt a tad overdressed. Not so last night. We were fine; dressed appropriately, but, man; so many of the other women were dressed to the nines. Dripping rich. I found myself fascinated by the many different dresses, shoes, handbags, and jewels. I felt downright plain in my stand-by beaded black floor length sheath dress (but I am happy to report that, after over 10 years, it still fits like a glove and looks great; ok, folks are right, you can never go wrong with basic black).
Anyway, there were dresses of vivid hues; purples, bright blues, reds, startling whites, emerald greens as well as pastels. And, all the different styles! Long, short, fitted, loose, billowy, long trains, bare backs, high waists, no waists, sequined, shimmery, beaded, sheer (sleeves).
Lovely wraps and handbags to match and OH THE SHOES! Mine were a bit dowdy, I felt; good thing they were basically hidden by my dress! But, I saw strappy sandals, stilettos, peep a boo toes (with all shades of the rainbow on painted toes), silver, red, black, gold, white, dyed to match gowns...on and on.
The event itself was high class, as well it should have been for $120 per plate. All drinks and food included; decently stocked bar, waiters passing flutes of Champagne or glasses of wine and a special station where I think chocolate martinis were being made. I didn't get to taste all of the passed appetizers but the mini chicken Wellington I had was excellent.
For dinner, a nice salad with citrus and asparagus. For the main course, filet mignon and....lobster tail. Yes, Mrs. B actually ate a good deal of it (many of you are aware of my lobster phobia). I must admit, it was tasty, if a bit rich. Plenty of white or red wine with the meal, followed by a dessert of molten chocolate lava cake with berries and fresh cream.
The gala was in essence both a fundraiser AND an event to honor a particular family who has done much to aid the foundation in both time, effort and money. This family happens to be a client of Mr. B's boss (hence why we were there in the first place). In addition to the speakers and honored guests, there was both a live and silent auction (I know how much work this is) and a raffle for a trip to Maui ($100 per ticket...a bit rich for our blood).
Anyway, it was not something we'd expected to do and we were not all that thrilled about it beforehand, but, it turned out ok and, obviously, it was for a very good cause.
Now time to go find some new duds for the cruise. Ok, maybe not. Well...maybe a new pair of shoes...
Mrs. B

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