Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guilty As Charged

This topic has been floating around in Blog-world; thought it would be an interesting self-reflection/know thy self exercise. No particular order here; just ten things!
Ten Things I Am Guilty Of:
1. Starting projects that I never complete. For example, right now, there is the cookbook of favorite recipes that's been on my desk top since last Fall, compiling another "The Best of Mrs. B's Blogs" book, and creating a template to produce Astrological charts for people. Also included in this category is beginning Blog series that I write one or two entries and never finish; such as "Flawed at the Core" and the one about how I ended up with five cats.
2. Listening to the answering machine when someone calls and not picking up the phone, even if it is someone I know, because I don't feel like talking. Ditto to looking at who is calling on my cell phone and deciding if I feel like talking to that particular person at that particular moment.
3. Buying little gifties for Mr. B when the mood strikes me but getting my feelings hurt when he doesn't do the same thing for me. We just don't think the same way in this regard, I guess; and, this could easily be solved if I just stopped buying him gifts, right?
4. Being a tad obsessed about calorie counting/not gaining weight.
5. Taking an immediate dislike to certain people, even though they have not done anything to really deserve it.
6. Slacking up on Lucy's discipline when Mr. B is not around. I mean, who really cares if she goes up the stairs before I do? I'm getting to the point with her that, as long as she generally minds her manners, that's ok by me. I'm tired of constantly making her follow rule after rule.
7. Being very petty when it comes to Mr. B's ex; whether it be about how she looks, behaves or what we can do to make her life difficult. I KNOW this is not right; more importantly, I know that this is not worth MY time. I think I resent her more than he does at this point.
8. Getting overly agitated about things that don't matter (see above), but also, truly, little things. Such as, the hotel not leaving us sufficient coffee, someone throwing a beer can in our yard every so often or smudges on the hard wood floor from where the cats have been playing. I am seriously attempting to work on this one; it's just not an effective use of my mental resources!
9. Being blunt and/or belligerent with people if they are getting on my nerves.
10. Holding a grudge. Not withstanding #5, I'm usually fairly forgiving of people that I know, especially family. However, once someone pisses me off/hurts my feelings, I tend to secretly harbor a grudge against them, even if I am nice to their face. Sometimes it might resolve itself, but, usually, not. Then, I ignore/avoid them. Not right, I know. Not mature, I mean.
Mrs. B

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Analee said...

#1 me too. i still have uncomplete photo books out. like, 2007 and 2009. however, i've completed other projects while they were outstanding.

#2 who doesn't??? ;)

#3 i stopped buying them for him and just buy them for myself now. that way we are all happy. unless he NEEDS a new shirt.

#4 i wish i had some of that one!

#5 me too. incredible how that works, huh? generally, though, your hunches are right, aren't they? selfish and self-centeredness shines through pretty quickly.

#6 i'm with you on that one, just in a child form. i NEED to potty train kendal... but i haven't because i know it will take 100% of my time!

#7 eh, i'm glad they were who they were so that i could have him when i did.

#8 you need a hobby where being meticulous works in your favor! want to try stamping???

#9 i've never noticed. i'd just call you "assertive." which, isn't a bad trait.

#10 me too. i stomach it too (i.e. two wrongs don't make a right...). i don't think it is immature to be guilty of your #10, forgiveness is something that someone should ask for (assuming they know they hurt you in some way). i bet you wouldn't be holding a grudge if they apologized or acknowledged! it is hard to forgive when you know that they don't want or care about your forgiveness. it is even harder to forget whether you've forgiven or not.

i struggle with this one EVERY DAY. i would say it is my biggest flaw. my problem lies in the fact that once someone does you wrong - what if they don't acknowledge it? like, do they not realize they hurt you or do they just not care? and me, being the i-don't-care-what-you-think-of-me-self that i am, tends not to want to confront a person to find out. i feel like a person should know when they've "spit in your face", you know what i mean? time only makes it worse. time... makes... it... so... much... worse.