Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mrs B: Domestic Goddess! Watch Out, Martha Stewart!

I saw this recipe for Cranberry Liqueur in Cooking Light and was just struck to try it. For whatever reason, domesticity has reigned supreme this holiday season; that, and an unusual wave of (non-verbal) creativity.
Anyway, I started this batch of liqueur three weeks ago by combining cranberries, sugar, water and vodka into an old (but cleaned and sanitized) gin bottle. I put it in the pantry and dutifully shook it every other day. Today, I shook it one last time and then strained the liquid through a cheese-cloth lined sieve into a bowl. After, I poured the contents into a large glass measuring cup (yep, it made about 4 1/2 cups, just like the recipe said) and then poured the liqueur into these sweet little bottles I've been buying from Michael's over the past several weeks.
They are amazingly pretty, I think! According to the recipe, the liqueur will keep either refrigerated or in a cool dark place for up to one year. My batch made enough for seven bottles; six of which will be given away to local friends and family to enjoy; one we'll keep. Oh, and there was just enough extra to pour two cordial glasses full to share with Mr. B later on tonight.
I did have a small taste before I went through all the bottling effort; no sense doing it if it tasted awful. But, no; it's a yummy sweet but not overly so with the right amount of tartness flavor. The recipe said it could be poured over ice cream, used to drench fruitcake or served chilled in cordial glasses. It would probably also made a nice addition to a Cosmopolitan (although it would pack a wallop) or a glass of Champagne or Prosecco.
Mrs. B

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