Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Bad Year For Pets

No, not ours. In fact, by way of Ares, Athena and Apollo's way of thinking, this was a good year for them.
I realized, though, that many of my family and friends lost their beloved friends this year. LOTS of them. Why? I guess, most likely, it is the turn turn turn thing going on (older pets); some losses were just, simply, sad and tragic.
So, here is Mrs. B tribute to these loved pets. If I missed any of y'alls; please know, I'm still thinking of you!
And, we'll ALL be ready to see our dear friends again at The Rainbow Bridge!
Murphy H.

LuLu B.
Monty R.
Tweedle T.
Roxy M.
Bo T.
Willow T.
Shadow B.
Mack B.
RIP, our dear friends. We WILL see you again.
Mrs. B


Analee said...

tragic is right. though i was sad to see mine "not come home", i think the saddest story of them all (of the ones i know) was tweedle.

RIP little kitties (and doggies, and hamsters, birds, fish, etc.)

and you're right about the other part too: thank goodness that we can honor their lives by getting new pets! yay for all the new ones! you have 3, i have 2, how many others got saved new ones from the streets or the pound/landfill?

Mrs. B said...

I know my Father and Margot adopted their two Timmy and Porter from a no kill cat shelter and, obviously, that is where our five came from and Lucy from the pound.

Michael said...

What a nice gesture, Amy. I do miss Monty, but that Olive (from a no kill cat shelter) is slowly but surely stealing my heart.

Mrs. B said...

I'll always miss Nigel and Clyde BUT our new cats are a soothing balm. I love them all, but, Apollo is turning out to be the 2nd coming of Nigel :-) Well, not exactly, but, he's definitely very, very special.
Of course, they are ALL very special.
So glad Olive is settling in so well!