Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Little Red Nightie

This story could have come right out of an episode of "I Love Lucy"!
A few weeks ago, I was wandering around Target. I happened by the sleepwear section and discovered that Target had some pretty nice nighties. I mean NIGHTIES, as in, SEXY stuff. One in particular caught my eye; a little red number (I'm just drawn to that color). It wasn't overly expensive, but, I decided not to buy it.
I went home and started dropping some big hints to Mr. B about that nightie AND the fact that it would be nice if, from time to time, he bought me little gifties "just because". Ok, look; no one give me any crap here! I buy HIM little gifties all the time "just because" (not little red nighties, but, you get the gist).
In his Mr. B way, he somewhat acknowledged that he'd heard me and we went on about our business.
The weeks went by; no nightie. He DID bring me some very lovely flowers, which, unfortunately lived out most of their life in the bathroom (all five cats are plant chompers so I told Mr. B it's probably not worth getting flowers until they grow out of this stage, which, hopefully, they will).
Last Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve), Mr. B calls fairly early (4:00) to say he's on his way home but first he had to stop off at Target to get some shoe polish.
Oh, boy howdy! Target! C'mon, he can get shoe polish ANYWHERE.
I got to thinking he was going to waltz into the house with my little red nightie!
About an hour and half later, in he came. What did he have with him?
Shoe polish.
Admittedly, I was a bit peeved but, I didn't say anything.
I was, however, thinking quite a bit. Like, "How come men can be so OBTUSE?" and other thoughts in a similar vein.
After dinner, I must have been extra vigorous with the cleaning up as Mr. B asked if everything was ok.
One of the reasons our relationship works so well is we're pretty open about how we are feeling; we don't tend to stuff too much down/hold grudges. And, me being me, I've always been a straight shooter. So, out it came; all my wails and woes about not getting that little red nightie.
I was telling my troubles to the sink; Mr. B standing behind me. Finally, I turned around to look at him, and what did he have in his hands?
Ain't love grand? And, hey, gifts like these are ones that just keep on giving!
Mrs. B


Mr. B said...

;-) TA

Analee said...

very cute (and sweet). you had me at "obtuse"!

Margot said...

Love it!