Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Few Christmas Photos

Our Tree Christmas Eve. Still Standing!
Pete. NOT Impressed!
The Crazy Cat Lady and Her Cats
Showing Lucy Santa Didn't Forget Her!
Lucy and Her New Duck
Mr. B and Niece Jacqueline
The Little T Cousins: Jacqueline, Kendal, Holly and Sophie
Ho Ho Ho..Oh, Wait! I'm a Reindeer, Not Santa! Mrs. B
Brother Nathaniel and Nephew Kendal
Brother Jon and Jacqueline
Niece Sophie and SIL Shannon
Jon, Jacqueline, Nathaniel, Kendal, Alina and Tara (Shannon's Niece and Sister)
Tara, Sister Kathy and Shannon
SIL Analee and Niece Holly
Mom and Mr. B
Dad and Jon
Mom and Dad's dog Brook

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