Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Pool Got Some Pre Season Use!

Jon and Shannon's girls came over last Saturday for a swim date in Aunt Mamie and Uncle Mark's pool. Talk about courageous! BRRR! Well, I guess the water wasn't that cold (76) but too cold for THIS gal!

Sophie really took to jumping in and out of the pool (from a step, not the ledge). She swam, swam, swam and pretended to be both a mermaid and a Princess (Sophia) or maybe both.

Sister JJ was fine in the water (but had a lot more fun playing with the beach ball; dribbling it all over the lanai).

Inspecting Al.E.Gator (the only gator allowed in my pool!)

Unfortunately, Uncle Mark wasn't there to see all the fun. When Grammy and Grandpa showed up later, she asked Sophie if she was having a good time with Aunt Mamie and Uncle Mark, to which Sophie replied, "No Mark. He's not here today!".

After swimming and dinner, the girls settled down to watch a few DVDs; The Little Mermaid (of course!) and then The Aristocats.

Sacked out and engrossed.

I sure did enjoy seeing the girls! They grow up FAST!

Mrs. B

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