Friday, March 16, 2012

Here's Mrs. B...Twin Visit #2

This time just a few of yours truly; included some "you don't see THIS every day shots!"

Mrs. B

Their first time in sleeping bags! Crashed out in Grammy and Grandpa's RV
Grammy and Aunt Mamie at Siesta Key Beach
The girls with Daddy and Aunt Mamie
Aunt Mamie and JJ. You don't see Aunt Mamie holding kiddos very often!
Daddy and Sophie
The water was surprisingly warm(ish)
Jon and Mom at Sun N Fun
Dad and Amy (not knowing which camera to look at, apparently!)
Having fun at Sun N Fun!
Goggle Girl
Amy and Mom
Bike and scooter time!
Ms. J
Reading books
At Mote Aquarium (penguin encounter)
With Dad
With Dad at Aunt Mamie's
At the Children's Museum


Analee said...

i love your swimsuit! that green is a good color on you! at least on your bottom half. not everyone can wear it! :)

Mrs. B said...


I just bought a new bikini, mostly so that I can get an even tan. I don't know if I'll be brave enough to wear it around people, though; maybe just at my pool.