Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here's Mrs. B...Twin Visit #1

I wasn't in very many (I don't think ANY) of the pictures I posted of our visit with my sister's twins, Zack and Natalie. Here are some from mom and dad's camera of us hanging out in Sarasota and at Walt Disney World.

Mrs. B

Dad, Zack and Natalie at a local predator cat show
Zack feeding a tiger
Playing Euchre that night
In the Sarasota surf
My goodness, they are tall and skinny!
In Orlando getting ready to board the bus to Animal Kingdom!
Posing just inside the entrance of Animal Kingdom
We saw these crocs on the safari ride. They are REAL. I think they look creepy!
On the safari ride
After we braved the twirling roller coaster ride in Dino Land
Magic Kingdom!
Dad trying on a fez in Morocco
More of Zack trying on hats!
Hanging out in the good old USA (in Epcot, of course!)
Time for subsistence
Duffy is some bear that appears to be an Epcot character only; never seen him anywhere else
Reminiscent of Indiana Jones!
At the House of B
The guys getting ready to go to a "Meet the Rays" lunch sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce
Zack getting autographs
Natalie walking on the beach
One last game of Euchre!
I think we were winning at this point (of course we were...I had both bowers!)
Pop Pops, Grammy, Natalie and Zack
Nah...we're not related :-)
I can't believe we all fit on the couch
The B's
The Dudes

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Analee said...

your hair looks so good. the bangs rock. and the twins, they are gorgeous! gosh! they should be tall and skinny at that age! :) i was short and skinny though. lol. i remember i was about 100 pounds and 5'2"! gosh. wish i could meet myself half way with that now...