Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Kids (AKA The Greeks)!

Wow how times flies. Golly Whoopers, Batman.

Our Little Kids, formerly known as The Greeks, are three years old today (and, at least until July, the same age as Pete and Lily). I can't hardly believe it, due in some part because they just don't LOOK like they are three years old. They are mini-cats compared to their older siblings and some of the monster kitties I've had in the past (Buda, We'um and Clyde come to mind). Also, how can three years have gone by so quickly?

Those who have read my Blog over the years know full well the story of how these three kitties came (and stayed) in our lives; Ares and Athena with little fan-fare (they just seemed to become part of our family by osmosis) and our sweet guy Apollo became a permanent fixture after quite a bit of drama.

Although they are not generally as friendly as Pete and Lily, they have come a long way in this regard. They are not nearly as fearful as they were three years ago, and, in fact, don't appear to be afraid of us at all any longer. They do, however, remain gun-shy of people they don't see all that often (unless said persons happen to be coming around to feed them, right Grammy?)

I managed to get pictures of all three of them today (although Ares wasn't really cooperating).
I had just finished grooming them, something they all, thankfully, enjoy (this because I started them out right off the bat when they were fosters, something I wish Pete and Lily's foster mom had done because they HATE being groomed).
A rare shot of all three Little Kids 3.31.12. Too bad they wouldn't look at the camera!

I gave Apollo and extra turn because he loves it so much. Heck, he'd take the turn for the other four, if I let him. But, hey, who can resist combing and petting a kitty who is having such a great time; purring, rolling around on his back, etc.? It really is cute; if I turn away for a second, he jumps up onto the grooming table, whether there is a sibling there or not.

And Athena, well, Little Miss Bossy Pants is such a lovely kitty, really.

I bought them a special treat (Fancy Feast Appetizers) for their birthday dinner (which they'll have to share with P&L) and maybe dad will give Apollo and Ares some extra turkey.

Anyway, even though we never really counted on having five cats, our lives just wouldn't be the same now without Ares, Athena and Apollo.

Mrs. B

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Analee said...

they sure are pretty cats. all of yours are pretty.