Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Socialism Is Lame

Today’s free write topic is…drum roll…SOCIALISM. Ok, Mr. B., thanks a lot for putting this on one of those little slips you created for me all those years ago. I mean, what the you-know- what? As if I know anything about this topic, or even care all that much to write about it. I suppose this is what the free write exercise if for, though. Write, even if you don’t really know or care that much about what you are writing about. How many authors do that already?

Ok, so what do I think about this topic? The first thing that comes to mind is, “It ain’t for me”. Why? Because, I worked damn hard all those years and I don’t want to have to give any of my (or Mr. B.’s) hard earned money away for the likes of those who haven’t worked damn hard. There, I said it! Is that selfish? I don’t think so. I mean, how come it is always those that don’t have much that advocate this as a way of life?

I suppose this, the fear and loathing of Socialism by many, is what a lot of the fracas is over Obama-Care. Lots of folks seem to feel it is a way for government to stick their noses into the business of the people in the guise of trying to overhaul the health care system.

Don’t get me started on the health care system! Ok, here I go, anyway! In general, I believe it does need some work. I really believe that. Let’s start with the doctors/medical practices that charge people who have insurance one fee for a service and those who do not double or triple the fee for the same exact service. How does this make any sense; charge the people who already cannot afford health care so much that they cannot pay for it; which drives up the rates for those who can and adds more fire to the fold by creating debt, which creates the need to collect that debt, etc. Who ends up happy? The debt collectors. Hmmm…Skynet?

Aside from this, though; why else would I want anything to do with Socialism? Just because I think the health care industry needs work doesn’t mean I would support Socialism. I come from the business world; if something is broke, figure out way way to fix it that, hopefully, is to the advantage of all constituents.

Man, as I type this, I realize this free write topic is really awful. Thanks again, Mr. B.

Anyway, I do know a few people that would likely support/believe in Socialism, but not that many. I think to some degree it is a naïve way to think in this day and age and I don’t associate overly much with Polly-Anna types.

And, for this country, in particular? How would we ever have survived, or could we continue to endure, as a nation if we were working on big farms, sharing the wealth, and singing songs around the camp fire every night?

I guess when I think of Socialism, I think of those kibitzes in Israel. Oh, yeah, talk about a fantastic country to be living in right about now. A fat lot of good this life style has done for them. Yes, that is dripping sarcasm you are reading (that is not driven in any way, shape or from by my lack of religious beliefs, either).

Socialism would mean everyone would have to get off their fat asses and contribute; something I cannot see happening. So, what would be the result if someone didn’t? Throw them out to the wolves? Since the whole idea seems to be based on bleeding heart tenants, I can’t ever see THAT happening!

Nope. I don’t like the thought of Socialism.

Mrs. B


Analee said...

this made me laugh. it was funny as in like an editorial column type funny.

Doc said...

Here's a little exchange you might remember:

Anonymous Person: I think socialism is great. Our country would be much better off if we were all on the same level.

Patrick: Aren't you going on a cruise in two weeks?

Anonymous Person: Yeah, what about it?