Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poem for Grandma

Grandma W passed away four years ago today. This is the poem I wrote for and read at her services.
Mrs. B
I Know

We’re not together

So very often

Those of us gathered here

And although we are all missing you

I know that you are near

Your sweet face

Is reflected

In many of those that I see

And your eyes are also reflected

I know, when they look at me

We’re sad but

We’re also laughing

Our family bond is strong

We’re catching up on all the news

For which I know you always longed

Last night

I saw a picture

Of you swinging on the moon

From little girl to 89

I know--it came too soon

And now we must

Come to the part

Where you go away, so very far

You’re with Grandpa and Uncle Bill now

I know that’s where you are

1 comment:

Margot said...

Great, Amy!

Assume from the dress & shoes that this is a picture of Grandma?

Of course, lots of little kids look similar. But put you in a mid 60's outfit & you look like Grandma W. when she was s little girl.