Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pet Pictures

I've got Blog-block going on so in the meantime, here are recent (as of this afternoon) pictures of our zoo. I've referred to them by their nicknames (they each have several). Funny how I tend to call them by their nicknames more often than I do their real names. I guess that is because we gave them their names before we really knew them all that much; in fact, all six's names were chosen before we even had them in the house. As for their nicknames, they've earned them and they better describe their personalities.
Mrs. B
Gooster The Rooster (yeah, I know; two different types of fowl but somehow, it works for her!) She was looking expectantly at me as she watched me take pictures of the others and knew her turn was up.

Pan Man. Can you figure the nickname out? He has taken to refusing to look at me when I point the camera at him.

P.P. The Queen of the Zoo; not happy that I woke her up from her pm nap.

Jaba the Butt. This should be fairly obvious! This cat is ALWAYS eating. He's got a good several pounds on his brother and sister and is gaining on P.P.

Little Boop. One of her prior nicknames was "Fat Face Feena"; I got to thinking that wasn't so awfully nice! This has to do with a noise she makes when you swat at her tail end. As an aside, I don't know why this is being underlined. I can't get it to go away! ARGH! Anyway, she was sleeping next to P.P.

Scrappy. And he is just that. It fits him to a "T"! He was asleep two seconds prior to taking this, hence why he looks a bit startled.

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Analee said...

it is funny that you mention how you had names for yours before you got them. besides lacy, i've always taken forever to name my pets.

i mean, like bo took almost 2 months to name. and it was one of those things that my friends decided his name was bo and it just kind of stuck so i called him that to suit them.

i have the hardest time naming pets, and i was (obviously in retrospect) worried about that with my children too. especially since you can't wait a month to name them. (what would you call them, male baby T? baby T #2? ha!) fortunately their names suit them well.

and the only nickname that any of our cats has ever regularly been called outloud is willow (killer). i type nicknames just out of ease for typing (PKP for kitty, but she is exclusively called kitty, not that it is hard to type so i don't even know why she is really named PKP).

i'm rambling. really, i'm procrastinating.

loved the pictures anyway. i was so surprised to see them out in person the other day. they've all grown so much and they all look SO SO SO different. but, hands down, pete is my bo in your house.