Monday, September 28, 2009

Pete and Apollo "Playing"

Pretty much every morning, Pete does this thing where he gets one of the long wand-toys and drags it around while howling up a storm. This morning, I finally managed to capture it on video (he usually stops when he sees the camera; I guess he's camera-shy!) He had a playmate today in Apollo, although watch how Pete takes the wand-toy away from Apollo.
At one point I cock-eyed the camera; sorry, I keep forgetting that, unlike a still photo, I can't rotate the video film back upon viewing!
Apollo is settling in pretty well. It was a bit rough the first few days for him because the other four basically shunned him, but, most of the hissing and spitting has stopped. I will say, though, that he's definitely turned out to be our buddy of the bunch (he likes humans; maybe it's because the other four have sort of paired up?) He is also a special friend of Lucy's!
Coming soon: Our Path to Five Cats!
Mrs. B

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