Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Block Busters

Thanks, Analee, for some of these ideas. There is nothing like rambling on about lists of this or that to, hopefully, get creative juices flowing again. And, what follows is a true ramble of a bunch of stuff most people probably won't care about!

...things in my shower:
1. Ivory soap
2. Aqua-colored bath pouf
3. Soft Soap body wash
4. Two washcloths
5. (technically six) a tall stainless still contraption that holds all the above
...favorite articles of clothing:
1. Reversible (red/grey) fleece jacket I got at Target several years ago for cheap. I shoulda bought several of 'em!
2. Work out pants (also bought at Target over 10 years ago; I always feel good that I still fit in them!)
3. Black coolots from Chico's
4. Green Levi shorts
5. Brown "Dog Rescuer" tee-shirt
...things on top of my refrigerator
1. Cake stand
2. Ceramic Jack-O-Lantern
3. That's it. I just cleaned a bunch of stuff off and moved them to the top of the cabinets
...favorite "easy" things to eat/make for dinner:
1. White chicken chili
2. Burritos
3. Penne with blue cheese pesto, asparagus and toasted walnuts
4. Cajun bean soup
5. Buffalo chicken wraps with black beans
...wonderful traits about Mr. B:
1. He's honest
2. He's a wonderful chef
3. He can do just about anything around the house/yard
4. He's affectionate
5. He is smart/doesn't miss much
...movies/TV shows I've seen recently:
1. Dexter Season 3
2. Forever, Darling (a REALLY awful movie with Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz)
3. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
4. Gone with the Wind (I just felt like re-watching it)
5. True Blood Season 1
...books I've last read:
1. The Secret of the Old Clock (yes, that would be Nancy Drew!)
2. Something for the Pain (book club)
3. Night
4. The Killing Dance
5. The Last Wife of Henry VIII
...ways to save money:
1. Clip and use coupons. Yes, it IS worth it!
2. Use loyalty cards; ditto, the above
3. Look at circulars and plan meals around what is on sale
4. Join a club like BJs or Cost Co. There are some things that are SO much cheaper (cat litter, for one; something we need A LOT of these days). Just be careful you don't buy too much of something you'll never use up (those Keebler bags of cookies I bought thinking they'd be good for Mr. B/The Kid's lunches have long since gone stale)
5. Count up all the money you save from the ideas above each month. Move that amount of money from your checking account into a special savings account. In about 18 months, I've saved roughly $2,500 doing this!
...different/sort of weird things people might not know about me (or know all of them):
1. I can read Tarot cards
2. I can cast Astrological charts
3. I am semi-ambidextrous
4. I can type really, really, really fast
5. I usually read several books at a time (for example, right now, I am reading/listening to: Roots, The Hidden Staircase and The Hour I First Believed)
...tidbits about my pets (well, six):
1. Lucy: Is afraid of sprinklers
2. Pete: Stares at me. It's unnerving at times!
3. Lily: Growls when she carries a milk jug ring around in her mouth
4. Ares: Although not the friendliest of the bunch when he's awake, always sleeps at the foot of the bed near Mr. B's feet
5. Athena: Destroys bugs
6. Apollo: Squeaks when he meows
...things I am going to do today:
1. Go to the dentist (routine cleaning)
2. Meet with KB Homes about our buckling carpet
3. Clean The Kid's bathroom
4. Go to CVS and see if I can't find a product I've been searching for
5. Mail mom and dad's anniversary card
...things I do now that I didn't do 5 years ago:
1. Blog/Facebook
2. Walk a dog
3. Serve on a Board of Directors
4. Have wedding anniversaries
5. Have my own business
Hey, time's up!
Mrs. B

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