Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Observation On My Blog Hits

Thanks to both the Hit Counter and Live Traffic Feed, I've been able to keep track of not only how many hits I'm getting on my Blog, but also where they are coming from AND what they are landing on.
Up until fairly recently, the majority of these (sometimes well over a hundred hits per day) were landing on my post, "Does Microsoft Hearts CHEAT?" In addition, many of the visitors leave comments and it's apparent that several of them come back from time to time to see what other people may have posted. Again thanks to Life Traffic Feed, I can see not only where they are coming from (literally all over the world including some places I've never heard of), but also HOW they found my post. For example: Saint Albans, Vermont, arrived from on Mrs. B's Brilliant Blog: Does Microsoft Hearts CHEAT? by searching for what's a good winning percentage in computer hearts. It also provides the date and time they landed. I've been getting a kick out of seeing what these folks are typing into the various search engines!
A few weeks ago, I started to notice that another entry, "Which of Henry VIII's Wives Are You Most Like?" was getting its fair share of interest, mostly from visitors arriving from the UK. It is at the point now where I believe this post gets just as many hits per day as the one on the card game.
What is intriguing is, no one has yet to post a comment! I really wish someone would as I'd like to know what they think about what I wrote! Is it that the British don't think it's polite to comment or they can't be bothered? Also, they seem to be arriving from something called " (or whatever country if not the UK) which leads me to believe they are looking for pictures of Hank's wives and are somehow led to my Blog (because I do have pictures of each one in the post). Maybe THAT'S why they are not commenting? They just want to see a picture?
Anyway, it's been fun keeping tabs on who is visiting and from where and what they are looking at!
Mrs. B

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Analee said...

i spent so much time looking at my blog hits thing that i had to remove it from my blog. i mean.... really. i spent a lot of time obsessing over it.

i did notice how your number jumped up!

and, somehow, my number decreased.
about a month ago, it lessened by almost 2000!