Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ares's Adventure

For some reason, my head just wasn't on straight this morning. Distracted, wandering around starting one task before I finished another, bemused. Not enough caffeine intake, I guess.
One thing I did do was scoop out the cat boxes (this is the ONLY bad thing about having four cats; having to scoop out litter boxes no matter what every morning). As I was doing this, I decided the trash can (next to the litter boxes) needed to be emptied. This is one of those 20 gallon or so plastic kitchen ones with a snap on lid. I finished up the scooping, snapped the lids on the boxes, swept up the stray litter, took the lid off the trash can and laid it on the dryer, lifted the smelly trash bag out, put the bag of scooped litter into it, and threw it out into the primary trash can outside.
When I came back into the utility room from the garage, I noticed the cat food bowls on top of the dryer were empty. As the cats also needed their monthly dosage of Heart Guard (which I have to chop up quite finely and put into their food as NONE of them will eat the "treat" (never had a problem with this with Nigel and Clyde or with Lucy who views hers as a goodie)), I set to doing this task right away; chopped it up, mixed it in with the dry food and put the bowls back on the dryer.
Feeding the cats made me realize I hadn't yet fed Lucy (who was outside in the backyard for her morning constitutional). I got her food out of the pantry, went outside to give it to her (she was anxiously awaiting it) and walked back inside the house. I saw Ares go running by me into the utility room as I walked over to wash the cutting board.
I heard this crash and scrambling noise. Ares's typical MO is to jump up onto the trash can and then hop up onto the dryer (he CAN jump from the floor to the dryer but apparently this is much more fun). Well, since I'd forgotten to put the lid back on, imagine his surprise!
I went into the utility room to find Ares face down in the trash can, butt still near the top with one of his back feet wrapped around the lip scrambling madly to get back out of the trash can. Which, obviously, he couldn't do since it was hard plastic and he couldn't get a grip.
It was so damn funny. You all don't know Ares, but, let me tell you, he's a pill. One of our nicknames for him, "Little Butt Head", should give you a clue! So, yeah, pretty funny to see the normally swaggering Ares in this predicament.
If I hadn't been sorta worried about him (he was scared), I would have gotten my camera and filmed it.
He let me take him out and put him on the dryer where he promptly forgot all about his trauma and began eating his breakfast.
Who needs the TV? These pets provide us with more than enough entertainment! What a fun way to start off my morning!
Mrs. B


Mr. B said...

Wish I was there to have seen him scrambling like that!


Margot said...

Ares' Awfully Big Adventure... he missed being a star!

Analee said...

bo fell in the toilet once. it resulted in something kind of like that. lol.

Mrs. B said...

Lily fell into the toilet once, too. Hence her nicknames of Pee Pee, Lil Pee, etc.

Analee said...

ha. i thought that was short for pete. or repete. :) (just kidding)

its always funny to see a cat fall in the toilet. it really isn't funny, but it is at the same time.

the other day, i saw kendal waving bye bye to the toilet paper. he was reaching INSIDE the toilet to do it. usually the lid is down when he flushes (he is very involved with us on the toilet... we want him to know what it is for. we aren't being creepy, just want him to know what and why so when the time is right, he'll be one step there.)