Monday, January 5, 2009

"I Realized I Have a Muffin Top...Even with My Sweats On!"

No, I don't, it's not that bad (no muffin top in sweats for met...yet) this quote came from something I just saw on-line (from Kellogg's Special K Cereal, of all things, about getting into shape).
But, I actually WAS going to blog about how, every January, without fail, all of the exercise equipment, gear, clothes, gym memberships, et al go on sale. Obviously, there is a direct correlation between this and people feeling like big fat slobs after all of the holiday indulgment.
Frankly, I think it is part of an annual ritual. Right around Thanksgiving, most people fall off the exercise wagon (assuming they were even exercising in the first place). Also around this time, eating habits start to decline (or improve, depending on your perspective; Egg Beater omelets or Mom's famous peanut butter cookies? Hmmm...)
By mid-December, there is a full feeding frenzy going on. For us, this includes egg nog and brandy (something we never drink any other time during the year), cookies (see above), extensive dinners with far too many carbs, wine, wine, wine, champagne, scotch, mead, etc. People spotted jogging or exercising are deemed "Damned fools! Don't they know it is Christmas?"
I don't know about y'all, but, the last few days of December (or the first few days of January depending on when the first Monday of January falls) are a full-bore pig fest with the gloomy knowledge that, sooner or late, there will be hell to pay.
I'm no exception to the back-to-the workout routine-in-early-January crowd. I've been thinking for a few weeks about how to vary my routine so I don't get bored. I had Mr. B drag out my old Jane Fonda VHS tape (from 1992) that, without fail, does the trick of whipping my butt into shape. I figure I can alternate between the evil elliptical machine (while watching I Love Lucy on DVD or listening to pump me up music on my iPod) with the sadistic Jane Fonda (from the 1990s; I doubt she'd be able to keep up with her own tape now). Out came the step aerobic bench and away I'll go. Tomorrow.
Ha! Seriously, it is the elliptical machine today.
In all honesty, I'm not 100% committed to this exercise and diet routine until NEXT Monday since Mr. B and I were planning to go to Alabama for a long weekend this coming weekend. Unfortunately, that fell through so now we're going to Edenton NC for two nights. Since our RSVP includes wine tasting and appetizers the first night and a four course dinner paired with appropriate wines the second, it doesn't seem wise to get too far gone on this healthy kick or else I'll just feel guilty.
But, like millions of other people, I do feel the need to shed a few pounds and tone up a bit.
NEXT Monday.
Mrs. B


mills said...

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Mrs. B said...

Great...someone put a commercial on my Blog...thanks a lot...

Margot said...

Spam alert!

Seriously, Mrs. B.... welcome to the middle age plus spread club. Aggh... in my 20s, 30s, early 40s, I could lose it with mind power. Now is a different story.

Mr. B said...



Analee said...

tie your sneakers 3 times and repeat:

i'm not fat
i'm not fat
i'm not fat

i totally have a muffin top right now. lord i can't wait for my skin to un-stretch. last time it took several months. i keep telling myself "its only been 2 weeks!"

my goal this post pregnancy (which just happens to go along with the new year, but it is NOT a resolution, just the way i'd like to recover from preg #2) is to run a 5k when they start up in the spring. yesterday mom and i went on a shortish walk, she noticed my pace has finally increased (no more waddle!) nathaniel even mentioned i had my "hiking walk" back.

now if only i can get my "jogging pace" back... slow like a turtle, but i'll finish the race!

--->random fyi
on my 2nd 5k that i did back a long time ago, which was the first one i actually ran the entire time.. i came in last place! out of like 300 people! but oh well... billions of other people were still in the bed, so i finished "in front of" them! :)

Analee said...

btw you can delete comments from your blog...

Mrs. B said...

I realized I spelled realized "realzed". Did anyone else notice that? Well, it's been edited now.

Yes I know I can delete comments...I have deleted some in the past but not usually. Since this one appears to NOT be computer generated (due to the word verification process), I figured I'd leave it on...

Just interesting that someone actually posted this on my Blog.

Or, maybe it's one damn smart computer!

Analee said...

did you notice that "mills" doesn't have an accessible profile, and the "gym equipment" is a british site?