Friday, January 9, 2009

Edenton Part One

We returned home from our brief (too brief) mini-vacation to Edenton, NC this afternoon. I'm delighted to report that the B&B we stayed at, The Captain's Quarters Inn, was every bit as wonderful as we'd hoped it would be. Frankly, though, if we'd have stayed much longer, we might have had to add "ton" to our last name (which folks around here seem to want to do, anyway...if you don't get it, don't worry, y'all...I'm not posting our real last name here!) The food was excellent. One of the owners, Diane, is a chef par excellence. She and her husband Don (the "wine guy" at the B&B) used to own a restaurant in Napa called Trilogy. We discovered this during our wine tasting Wednesday night. As it turns out, Mr. B  ate at their restaurant in 1996. Small world, no?
We arrived in Edenton around 3:00 on Wednesday. Earlier, Mr. B had dropped The Goose off at Uncle Chuck's (which made her happy, as usual; she loves that place and they love her). We left around 11:15 and drove to Rocky Mount where we had lunch at an Applebee's. Not gourmet cuisine by a long shot but I prefer their food over, say, Chili's or TGI Friday's. I'll digress here for a second and recount a minor drama that was going on in the booth behind me.

Our waiter wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box. But, he was friendly enough. Anyway, the lady sitting behind me ordered sliders (three small hamburgers). After she was served, she bit into one and discovered the meat was still pretty pink (BTW, Mr. B was happy that his burger was still pink; typically, they over-do the food anymore for fear of e Coli). Another waitress wandered by and the lady told her that she thought the burgers were not done enough. The waitress said, "Would you like me to take them back and have them cooked a bit longer?" to which the lady with the sliders said, "No, I think they will be ok".

About 15 minutes or so later, the waiter came by with the bill. The lady pitched a fit, saying she didn't think she should have to pay for undercooked meat. Listening to this, I was a bit perplexed why she was so mad since she had been asked if she wanted them cooked more. The manager then came over and said, "I took the sliders off the bill, you shouldn't have to pay for something that you were not satisfied with". Grumble, grumble; the two ladies got up and left.
I turned around and looked at their table to see the offensive sliders. Would you believe she'd eaten about 2/3 of them? Seriously! I turned back to Mr. B and we went off on a side-bar conversation about how loathsome people like that are. Loathsome and cheap.
Ok, back on track here!
We found the B&B in Edenton with no problem since Edenton is not a huge place. We checked in and agreed to do our wine tasting that evening at 5:30. BTW, we were the only people there that night.

We stayed in the "Captain of Her Heart" room. All of the rooms (8) have a nautical theme. This room has a huge jacuzzi tub (which is why we wanted it).

After unpacking (such as it was for only one full day there), we settled in for a nice cozy nap. The bed was truly comfortable and we conked out for almost two hours. Luckily we did not have far to go for our wine tasting; just downstairs in the parlor.
As I mentioned, Don seems to be the one of the pair that picks out the wines, does the tasting, serves the meals, checks people in and out; in general, anything that requires any degree of social interaction. He's a very gregarious fellow originally from MA (as is his wife (from MA; she was not overly gregarious but she cooked like a blue streak so who cares)).
We sampled four wines; two whites, two reds. Of the bunch, we really enjoyed one of the reds, a meritage from Geyserville; "2005 Marietta Old Vine Red". I have no idea how much it goes for, but, I am going to try and find it.
Don said that he'd leave coffee by our door in the morning at 7:30 and a full breakfast would be served in the dining room at 9:00.
With that, we ventured outside (where it was incredibly windy) to find a restaurant called Sean's. I'd read some reviews of it on Trip Advisor; both it and the other one we were considering, Waterman's Grill, got more than decent reviews. Turns out they are about the only shows in town, too. Alas, Waterman's Grill was closed for a few weeks (vacation) so that left Sean's. I say "alas" as our friend Michael had recommended it. Oh well! Don said we'd probably like Sean's well enough so off we went.
The waterfront area of Edenton was no more than a five minute walk from the B&B. Not too far from the B&B, we realized we'd forgotten to ask Don where, exactly, the restaurant was! We'd just passed a gas station so so walked back to it and approached an employee getting out of a truck. Mr. B said, "Excuse me, where is Sean's located?" the man appeared puzzled. I said, "The restaurant, Sean's?" he brightened and replied, "Oh, you mean She-ons!" and then told us where it was. Local culture!
Oops...I've run out of time for this entry now. Mr. B's on his way home from the office...gotta run. I'll finish it up later.
Mrs. B

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Mr. B said...

Hmm, maybe I should have complained that my burger was too pink. Too late, I guess, since I had already eaten the whole thing.

Oh well, live and learn.

Well, not really, if the meal isn't cooked right I would send it back, not eat almost all of the food and then complain.