Saturday, February 11, 2012

About Lucy


MUST eat the olives out of our martinis. Every single night. (And, she knows when one is still left in the glass).

Possesses better eyelashes than most women I know.

Is a total bed-hog (and she snores, too).

Will do anything for a hot dog.

Doesn’t like most other dogs but gets along with the other dogs in her family.

Loves children.

Adores all of her grandparents.

Has a terrible habit of jumping on people but also has an amazing ability to realize she can’t jump on people whom she may knock down.

Absolutely could not stand being in a crate; tried to chew her way out of it each time we put her in there (but had no problem with wearing a bucket on her head for six weeks!)

Thinks going to the vet and kennel is great fun.

Likes to play, but won’t share her toys. The only person I ever saw her willingly give her ball to was our nephew Kendal. He was three at the time.

Used to throw up in the car but no longer and is now a fantastic road trip companion.

Can hold her pee and poop for over 12 hours, if need be.

Has a smile wider and whiter than Farrah Fawcett’s.

Never met a stranger.

Sleeps on her back with her legs in the air.

Has a tattoo of a smiley face on her belly (we did NOT do this to her!)

Loves her “slumber parties” with Cailyn.

Never has learned to properly heel but she can sit, shake, lie down, and roll-over with the best of ‘em!

Is afraid of Pete.

Loves Ares.

Tolerates Lily and Athena.

Taught Apollo to sit.

She’s a total Blondie.

Will never stop believing that, one of these days, she just may catch a squirrel.

Hates the swimming pool yet Loves the ocean.

Whines and cries and carries on whenever mom or dad leaves the house.

Every day is a good day (so long as there is food involved).

Will slink out of the room if there are any disagreements going on.

Digs cigar smoke.

She will kiss you, whether you want a kiss or not. She just can’t control her licker!

Is covered with scars from her multiple injuries and surgeries but she’s still the most beautiful dog in the world to us.

Mrs. B

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Analee said...

so many of those made me say "awwww" and so many make me laugh. she is a great dog and you are lucky to have her (reverse true for her)!