Monday, February 20, 2012

About Lily


She’s the epitome of the word “feisty”.

We never call her Lily. She’s Pee Pee (a nickname she garnered early on when she fell into the toilet).

It’s hard to tell who irritates her the most (and we’re included in the bunch).

The most brave and adventuresome of our brood. She’s the first to come out and investigate new people, new things. Always.

Photographs do not do her justice; she usually “turns out” resembling an owl.

Will get up on the bed in the middle of the night and chew on my hair.

Is the best car rider of the cats. Hardly ever makes a sound; just enjoys the ride.

Squeals like a little girl when she’s pissed off.

Is not much of a cuddler except for when she’s being groomed. Then, she wants lots of love and reassurance.

Is definitely daddy’s girl.

There is NO doubt who is REALLY in charge around this house.

Has lovely caramel colored eyes and always has.

Her front right paw is a light tan color. It’s the only way her foster mother could tell her and Pete apart when they were first rescued.

You never know where you’ll find her. Inside a box, or a suitcase or up on a cabinet and, yes, once even inside the dishwasher.

Routinely eats too much/too fast and promptly barfs it back up. Known as “The Pee Pee Special”!

Has orange spots on her coat.

Will sit behind us on a chair and climb up our backs.

When she scurries and runs from place to place, she looks a lot like a little furry football!

Can routinely be found hiding amongst the plants and flowers on our lanai.

Is way too cool to chase geckoes, let alone, eat one. Ick.

Doesn’t like any of the other cats except maybe her brother Pete (and then only on occasion!)

Totally ignores the dog.

Our diva.

Mrs. B

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