Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving Mania!

I knew it was going to be this way as it always is; the final days before a move are totally insane, despite the best efforts to be organized. We've been probably over the top organized this go-around and it's still be a bit wiggy around here. I shudder to think how people who don't lean towards methodically planning things out step by step manage to get themselves successfully moved; e.g., people, pets and possessions all ending up at the correct address.

Here's my recap*, starting with a week ago today:

Thursday 4 August. I had arranged for an "Open Closet" sale from 4-7 in a (futile) attempt to pre-sell some of my clothes, shoes and accessories. A woman came the Saturday before and bought one of my "Italian Outfits". One woman did show up during the actual sale and bought a few things. Although it didn't have the result I'd hoped for, I still think this was a good idea. IF I ever attempt to get rid of more clothes et al, I'd seriously consider doing this again, but with a bit more lead time. Mom came over to help me with the sale (not really needed, of course) so we spent some time put price tags on the moving sale items which were piled all over the garage.

Friday 5 August. Mom and Dad came over to help us get organized for the moving sale. No mean feat, believe you me. Despite the fact we'd already inventoried and priced all the items, we still had to figure out the best way to set up, where to put what, etc. We did a partial dry-run with two long "tables" (really long pieces of wood placed on top of saw horses) out in the driveway, the tools and yard equipment in the yard, etc. Mark and Dad put up the several signs Mark had already made. As we were sitting in the garage enjoying a well deserved lunch of Subway sandwiches, beer and wine, several people drove by, stopped, and inquired about various items. One gentleman wanted to know if we were selling our "cook stove",which I took to mean the camp stove, but, no, he meant our stove-stove, as in, the one in the kitchen! A yard maintenance man wanted to know about the lawn mower (already bequeathed to my brother). A neighbor came over and put dibs on a snow shovel and the wheel barrow. And, the dude who'd placed a deposit on the china hutch (which had been listed on Craig's List) came by to pick it up. While he and Mark prepped it for loading, his buddy bought several items that we'd placed out on a table.

Saturday 6 August. Woke up around 3:30 to the sound of rain. Damn! We both ended up getting out of bed by 5:30 so we could figure out what to do regarding the sale (it was pouring down rain with thunder and lightening). The sale was due to start at 8:00, and Mom, Dad and my brother were coming over shortly before to help us set up per the previous day's plan. Problem was, that plan was now in the crapper. Mark began to put things on the front porch while I went out on a (fruitless) donut run (the Dunkin' Donuts I was searching for did not appear to exist). Long and short (the entire moving sale experience is worth an entire entry or two on its own), the sale went from 8-2 as planned. Even though it rained much of the morning, that didn't stop people from coming, thankfully.

Sunday 7 August. In stark contrast to Saturday's rainy day, Sunday was bright and sunny but just as humid. In fact, probably worse. We had a real slow day; probably a combination of heat and it being Sunday. We switched to "1/2 Off Everything!" mode at 10 which helped sales a bit but not much. By 3 (we stuck it out longer in hopes we'd get some late-comers), we packed it up (literally) in preparation for the remaining items's trip to various charity organizations.

Monday 8 August. I followed up on a few points with our real estate agent. Mark delivered boxes of stuff to charity. I arranged for another charity to come pick up our large furniture pieces that had not sold. I also finalized both our car and homeowner's insurance policies in FL, talked to the alarm company about moving the system once we're in the new house, and a few other new home related business items which I now can't remember.

Tuesday 9 August. I dropped several boxes of books off at the local library. I did a ton of laundry. We each had some personal appointments plus The Kid came over for dinner/to spend the night. We went to a Foo Foo Mexican restaurant called Dos Perros and enjoyed our evening with The Kid (no moving stuff).

Wednesday 10 August. I took two cats to the vet for their annual exams and also picked up sedatives for whichever cats may need it for the drive down to FL. We spent the day organizing for the packers (e.g., moving stuff that we don't want them to pack to an empty room, packing up things we will take with us (e.g., jewelry, cigars, toiletries)). Mark also did some real work. We had dinner with one of his clients at a Southern comfort food restaurant in Chapel Hill called Mama Dip's. Eh, so-so.

Thursday 11 August. Today. Woke up full of fire to get everything else done. As of almost 3, much of it is done, including moving clothes that we will need to take with us into a room the packers won't go into, going to the bank (for something like the 10th time this week), paying bills, putting notes around the house for the packers, movers and carpet guy, clearing out the pantry and putting aside food stuffs that family may want (perfectly good but we can't take it), going through our wine stash, doing a trial run on doping up the cats (with mixed results), and wasting time blogging.

So, yeah, it's been a whirlwind week and this synopsis hasn't even included all that Mark's been doing (he has is own Blog!*)

Left to do yet (no particular order): Vacuuming the couches and throw pillows (to remove cat hair) before they all get boxed up/wrapped up tomorrow. Moving the rest of the items that we want the packers to leave alone to a safe place. Vacuuming under our bed once the bed has been removed (cat hide out; you can imagine how much fur must be under there). Re-setting the AC for something that won't break the bank since we won't be here to adjust it. Lowering all window blinds. Removing the beach towels that we'd stuffed under one of the kitchen cabinets when we got Pete and Lily (to keep them, and later the Littles, from climbing in). Getting Lucy's (never used) dog house to my brother. Having a family get-together here Saturday. Make sure the neighbors know to not park their cars on the street or in their driveways Monday or else they'll get creamed by a moving van and/or won't be able to get OUT of their driveways. Secure the pets on Monday Moving Day. Load the cars. Leave for our new life.

WHEW. No wonder I'm exhausted!

Mrs. B


Analee said...

mark is writing on his blog? does he have a different one than i know about? lol, lord, you make me tired just reading what you're doing. suppose moving down the skreet using a pick-up truck (which is all i've ever done) is easier than moving to another state. it's never been that hard for me! i also don't have much stuff. however, i do have a husband and 2 kids now... things have changed. :)

Mrs. B said...

No he hasn't been blogging, that was a nudge-nudge. Moving is exhausting. Even when we just moved from the townhouse to this house it was exhausting. I think what really made this go-around so tiresome was getting rid of all of the stuff we got rid of. I'm glad we did it (just said good-bye to the last bit of it a few hours ago) BUT man was it a lot of work!!!!! I know when we get down to FL we'll be happy we have a lot less stuff to arrange/put away. Except I just could not bear to part with my green chair and round cherry side table. We were going to sell it, but, never got a fair enough offer and I didn't want to give them away. So, we'll find a place for them.

Mr. B said...

Hmm, not sure where my comment went! I did read this Thursday and left a comment. Must be a conspiracy!