Friday, August 19, 2011

Florida Homeowners AND Residents

We successfully closed on our new house Wednesday afternoon! Yey! The moving van should arrive in an hour or so and we'll begin THAT process.

The dog is with her grandparents in Ocala and the cats are in a Residence Inn about 15 minutes from our new house. They are starting to get on one another's (and our) nerves. Keeping a kitty litter box in a closet ain't much fun.

Had a bit of a scare coming down I75 Tuesday afternoon; a hard rubber thingie came flying out of nowhere (probably fell off the back of someone's work truck), went under the car I was driving, flew out behind me, went over one lane and smacked right into the windshield of the car Mr. B was driving. Thankfully, it hit in the middle, not on the driver's side and doubly thankfully, Mr. B is cool under pressure.

If this had happened Wednesday, our FL insurance would have covered it free of charge. Since it happened Tuesday (when we were still under NC), our crappy NC insurance did not cover it so we are out $260. But, really, since it could have been far, far worse, we're not really complaining. It's already been replaced.

Anyway, other than this, everything's worked out okay so far (well, we're a bit irked at Allied but that's another story, maybe).

Here are a few pictures from our journey (so far). More to come!

Oh, BTW, the Internet in our new house is WICKED fast! Woot!

Mrs. B
Monster moving van outside our "old" house.
One last picture in front of our "old" house.
Mrs. B and Mom. Don't cry!
Pete at a Red Roof Inn in Hardeeville, SC (about five hours from Durham).
Lucy's an old pro at this traveling thing.
Lily is unperturbed by it all. Time to eat.
Athena was actually not hiding.
Apollo looking handsome with his tag.
Ares. Before he started howling.
Looks worse from this view.
Apollo hanging at the Residence Inn in Sarasota.
Time to chill out, Ares.
Lily decided Pete's crate made a nice bunk.
Four of the five (Lily's in the crate).
Happy FL homeowners 8.17.11

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Analee said...

oh my gosh, your windshield look scary. i would have died from the heartattack i had from when it happened.