Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th: Following the Road

It's August 15th, 2011 and it's moving day! Yes, after much advanced preparation and forethought, this day has finally arrived.

Of course, not without some anxiety and melancholy, but, not too much, really. I'm a traveler at heart and my beat marches on. With the advent of technology; cell phones, texting, email and social media, I know that I'll remain in touch with my loved ones in NC. And, as my brother put it the other day as we exchanged an emotional good-bye, we can "put pen to paper". I like that thought; actual, physical letters (assuming anyone will be able to read my handwriting!) Plus, we ARE moving to Florida, after all, and I'm fully expecting to have visitors (especially in the winter).

We had a few hitches in our get along this morning; somethings you just can't plan for. The moving van showed up about 1/2 hour early, which meant we had not yet corralled and cornered the cats. We spent a few frustrating moments chasing Apollo and Athena around the house and Pete frightened even me with his vehement hissing. Finally, all five were sequestered, but, not together. No way were we going to open up the bathroom door which behind lay Pete, Lily and Ares to throw Apollo and Athena in. This little snafu changed our mind about sedating them. They're ALL getting the sleepy pills later on this afternoon.

The next hitch was Mark asked the driver how we'd know how much our shipment actually weighs. The driver said we had the "guaranteed price" so it didn't matter. Uh, no, it does matter because we were told we'd pay no MORE than the estimate (which was wildly on the high end, there is no way we have 12,000 pounds!) and if it weighed in less, we'd get a credit. So, a few phones calls back and forth before we Mark got that ironed out.

Anyway, now it's a lot of sitting and waiting and anticipating. And, like last night, when I couldn't sleep, lots of thoughts rolling through my mind.

One thought that struck me was it was on August 15th that I flew to Italy for my six week adventure back in 2003. Eight years ago already. Like this move, I had planned and planned and planned for that trip. When the day finally arrived when I embarked, I was both exhilarated and terrified and also slightly melancholy. I remember it was a Friday and that my step-mom Margot took me to the airport. She came inside the terminal with me until I'd checked in and then left with a quick hug and a wave (she was never good with good-byes). Although I know I've posted this before, here is a snippet of what I wrote later that day:

I am sitting on the plane in Philly; believe it or not, there may be a problem with the plane (indicator problem) but, the captain just came on to say we’ll be on our way in 10 minutes. Sigh of relief; although, I guess it’d work out if I got delayed.

I’m on my way to Paris, then Verona. So far it’s been uneventful, although I am already thinking I have too much crap (even though I did get everything in one wheelie bag and one carry-on). Yes, I began to think this while lugging the carry- on through the airport here in Philly, my shoulder aching from its weight. I’m definitely going to ship some shit home after the class in Verona is over. No way am I lugging this over Italy for two weeks. See how much I’ve changed already!

The most traumatic thing today was saying good-bye to Nigel and Clyde. This will be the longest yet that we’ve been apart. I know they’ll be fine, but my heart still hurts a little. I’m happy that my heart is hurting for cats and not some guy. Yes, I really mean this!

I hope the people get friendlier during this journey of mine! So far, no one has been that outgoing. I think I have a “dud” for a seat mate; some big guy who won’t even look at me. He seems to have an attitude; or maybe he’s one of those that is scared shitless of flying but he doesn’t want to let on. Well, it’s a 7 hour flight; maybe he’ll say something at some point (He never did!)

I’m not sure yet how my writing will go. I do want to capture details of my trip so I can write up a memoir later. I’d like to write about my inner-journey, too. I think I’ll be in a different place emotionally six weeks from now. And, of course, I’d like to write poetry, stories, articles, etc.

When this trip is all said and done, I’d just like to be happier. That’s a broad statement; I’ll figure out more details as time goes on.

That trip to Italy turned out to have its share of both wonderful experiences and AFOGS (Another FU$$ing Opportunity to Grow) and it obviously was a catalyst, or a bridge, to my next life, the one I've been leading, the one that is about to change directions yet again.

As I sit here and type this, I am thinking about the many positive aspects of this move. I am grateful that I am not doing it alone; unlike my journey to Italy, this one I'm embarking on with a loving husband, my faithful dog, and my cat colony. There are people waiting for us there and the people we are leaving behind, as previously noted, we are not REALLY leaving behind. It's not the pioneer days; we WILL see each other again. I am also cognizant that much of the same holds true today that did eight years ago; "When this trip is all said and done, I'd just like to be happier. That's a broad statement; I"ll figure out more details as time goes on".

This is not to say I've not been happy these past eight years. What I feel is, it's time to make a change so that I can continue to be happy. I'm not ready to stop growing just yet.

More to come.

Mrs. B

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Analee said...

oh, i know you've been happy in NC! you'll be happy in florida too. you guys were just ready for the next step in life! it'll be great. we are glad you are moving (not that we want you to leave), but because it means you are still active and thriving and healthy. when you stop doing all that kind of stuff, we're gonna worry...