Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update on the Cats of B!

In all of the general excitement of late and drama with Lucy, the poor cats have not had the opportunity to be in the spotlight. Not that they care, mind you; but, I'd be remiss if I didn't post a few pictures of them with an update on their lives. Oh, and yesterday was a red-letter day. In preparation for our upcoming move (and to abate my paranoia that one of them may get out of the car during the road trip), we went to Pet Smart to get each one of them a collar and a tag. We put the collars on them and watched the fireworks erupt. After they were on a bit, we took them back off until the move (and Mr. B removed the damn little tinkle bells; how annoying!)
Pete has spent his summer (to date) enjoying the fact he has no clumps and mats of fur. After a day or so of being totally horrified after his lion cut, he realized it wasn't so bad, after all. He's become quite insistent on getting pets in the morning and has taken to jumping up onto our chairs at the table and demanding a lot of adoration. Pete's collar is a majestic, royal purple, as befitting the king of our cat colony. He took the collaring in stride; in fact, you couldn't hardly see it underneath that mane of his.
Lily resembled a little wrinkled lizard after her lion cut procedure. If anything, the elimination of much of her fur has increased her feisty factor. She continues to get into everything and be everywhere. Perhaps in retaliation for her hair cut, she's taken to chewing on my hair in the mornings while I'm still in bed and during the day, she jumps up onto my chair and tries to climb up my back to get at my ponytail. Her collar is pink with sparkles. She was very interested in it BEFORE it was put on her; after which, she tried to eat the tag.
Ares continues to be devoted to Pete and just Pete. Unfortunately for Ares, Pete pretty much despises him. Ares is very nice to look at; he has such unusual coloring and his face is very expressive. It's too bad his personality wasn't as good as the exterior package. Maybe we shouldn't have named him after the God of War; if we'd called him Sweet Cakes or Stud Muffin, might he be friendlier? Ares's collar is a light blue. He attacked Mr. B when he tried to put it on him; I finally got it on as he was eating. He promptly freaked out and ran around the house on a wild tear, eventually getting the collar off. Well, if he gets lost on the move, I doubt Mr. B would loose any sleep over it! Sigh.
Athena is our little quiet mouse; keeping a fairly low profile except for when she starts to play with one of her toys. Then, she sounds unnervingly like a woman in the throes of passion. She is still petrified of Mr. B but is starting to come around a little bit; usually when she's ready to eat, she'll forget she's petrified of him and rub up against his legs. She continues her somewhat destructive habit of chewing on everything, despite the many applications of Bitter Yuck. Her collar is also pink and, surprisingly enough, she didn't wig out overly much once it was put on her.
Our man Apollo continues to steal the show on a daily basis. His is so entirely laid back now; amazing, considering what he was like when he first came to us. One of his very favorite places to be is in the perch by the window. While the other cats are roaming about causing trouble, he's usually there kicking back; unless he downstairs begging Mr. B for turkey or to be fed; then, he does his best "Camillo" act of flopping down on the floor and pretending his dying. It's quite comical. His collar is bright red and he looks very handsome wearing it. He freaked out a bit at first, but soon decided to just chill out.

Mrs. B

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A good chuckle on a hot Saturday morning.

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