Friday, July 22, 2011

Mom's Birthday Trip

For my mom's 70th, I presented her with four options to choose from for an all expenses paid mini-vacation. The only hitch was that I got to go along :-)

She selected the wine tasting trip (I wasn't terribly surprised!) We went on Wednesday and had a grand time!

Here are a few pictures! BTW, I'd recommend this gift idea for anyone who struggles with what to get someone who has pretty much everything they already need. I must give credit for the idea to my dear Mr. B.

At Ragapple Lassie, our first stop of the trip. Since I'm in the process of moving and already have enough wine that I have to either drink or figure out how to move, I didn't buy any wine this time but their wine is so tasty! Mom bought a few bottles.
Posing with the winery's mascot.
As always, mom managed to cut off someone's head. At least it wasn't mine! Can you tell how hazy it was? It was HOT HOT HOT!
At another favorite winery. All Italian varietals and the tasting room looks like an Italian villa. Lovely grounds, too. Oh, I did buy one bottle here; a fizzy dry rose. Figured it'd be refreshing as we all weather the heat here in NC.
We tried one I've never been to before, Laurel Grey. The tasting room was housed in this little milking barn. The wines were quite good. They also had various dipping and dessert sauces for us to taste.
Pretty roses!
Dinner was at Harvest Grill on Shelton Vineyard's property. A fantastic four course meal and a bottle of estate Chardonnay. Yum yum yum.
The view from our hotel room the next morning. Another hot one!
Mom and daughter tasting at Shelton Vineyards. We had a great TRA (tasting room attendant; my term). She was very generous with the pours and allowed us to taste more than the allotted amount. Too bad I had to drive us home or else we may have stayed there a few hours!

What a fun trip. I will never get tired of hanging out and talking with my mom!

Mrs. B

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Analee said...

wow. can i get a gift like that when i turn 40? (from you, to be accompanied by you?)