Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Radiant Cruise on Radiance: Three

Here I am almost three months after we sailed attempting to wrap this up so I can move on to other topics!

Today we'll be in Costa Maya, a port that I know very little about and one that it appears isn't terribly interesting, at least judging from the reviews I read on Trip Advisor. As such, we elected to NOT do any of Royal Caribbean's excursions but will likely get off the ship, wander around the little fake town and then get back onto the ship and hang out in the Solarium.

I'm sitting here eating breakfast out on our balcony. Once again, it's a lovely, warm, sunny morning. Breakfast is the same as yesterday's except I did order some fresh fruit of which I ate most of it since it contained melon and strawberries.

We're supposed to get cell phone signal but we're not, which means we really should get off the ship, if only to check to see if Uncle Chuck calls to let us know how Lucy is doing. She's probably in surgery as I write this. We're sending lots of positive vibes and love back home to our Goose. Damn MCTs! Today's a good a day as any for her procedure, though, as it's Nigel's 20th birthday. "Hey, Nige, keep an eye over our Goose, ok? And, say hi to Clyde for me".


Today turned out to be QUITE warm, maybe 85 or so. We got off the ship for a little bit. No cell phone signal! Boo! We were able to get in touch with the vet right before dinner, though, and Lucy "sailed" through her procedure with flying colors. Yey!

Back to Costa Maya. They had an area set up right off the dock just for the cruise ships. Another liner, Oceania, I believe, was docked right next to us. Although Oceania cruises are supposed to be the height of luxury, the ship was a little pee pee compared to ours.

Our stateroom is right below where the people are standing
The B's in front of Radiance. Well, actually we're standing in front of the BACK of Radiance!
The B's in Costa Maya with Radiance and Pee Pee Oceania in the background

Anyway, this area had shops, restaurants bars (of course) and a pool. We each had a Dos Equis and watched the people playing/swimming with the dolphins. We were back on board in less than an hour as we didn't find this overly titillating! We hung out in the Solarium for 4 1/2 hours and then, later, sat out on our balcony playing cards and smoking cigars. I took one of my absolute favorite pictures of Mark from the cruise during this time. Doesn't he just look like "Da man"?

We were out there when the ship sailed and for the sunset. Roughly 10 minutes after we pulled away, the ship stopped. The Captain came on and said not to worry, they were just making some adjustments. Good thing he did as before we pulled away, we'd noted some scary looking dudes armed with assault weapons down below on the dock (although I think they were there hoping to earn some money posing for photos with dumb-ass tourists).
Scary Commando looking dudes. Tourist walking by looks as though he's doing a double take!

As it turned out, we discovered later that what had really happened was a few of those dumb-ass tourists missed the ship when she sailed so the Captain (nicely) stopped so they could be motored out. This despite the fact they'd told us over and over we were on ship's time (an hour ahead of local time). Duh.
Pretty sunset. That's Oceania out there, back there, whatever!

We had dinner tonight in one of the specialty restaurants; Portofino. Northern Italian. It was GREAT. It is definitely worth it, we think, to pay the extra money for these places at least one night during the cruise. The food and service is certainly a notch (or two) up from that in the main dining room (which isn't bad to begin with).

We had a fantastic bottle of wine but Mr. B's attempt to take a picture of it so we'd remember what it was didn't work out all that great. Oh well!

I don't like this picture but Mr. B says I never post pictures of me so here is one

We discovered a nice surprise when we returned to our stateroom; gave us a complimentary $50 OBC (on board credit)! Also, our pre-paid gratuity vouchers turned up (which seems a bit early since we still have two more days). I think this is our stateroom attendant's doing. In general, we've not been as pleased with him as we were with Esther on Enchantment. He's ok, but, MEB says, and I agree, that he'll not be getting any extra gratuity, and neither will our waiters. And we've definitely not found a special go-to bar person like we did with Placid. Oh well, maybe being in a Junior Suite DOES count for something. Next time, we'll spend the extra money and book another of those.

Best hit it. We're taking an excursion tomorrow in Cozumel and will have room service wake us up at 7:30 am.

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