Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cartoon Pictures

I found this web site that turns your pictures into cartoons. As I sat around this morning tracking the bad weather we've been having so that I'd know if I needed to go run hide in the bathroom, I uploaded a bunch of my pictures and converted them. Some of them were dreadful, I looked absolutely skeletal in the face or my eyes were huge and empty (as if I were either possessed or extremely stupid). Many turned out sorta cool, though. Here are a few that I particularly like in no particular order!
Mrs. B

Lucy 2010
Mr. and Mrs. B with Lucy 2010
Mr. B on Radiance of the Seas in Costa Maya 2011
Mrs. B with Good Friend Peri 2009
Mrs. B and Her Mom 2010
Mrs. Sr. B and Mrs. B 2009
Father and Margot 1969
Mrs. B as Red Lady 2010
Mrs. B at Sweet Sixteen

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