Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Monday Ramble Ramble

What a busy weekend. It seems I spent most of it in the kitchen preparing for Mr. B's (early) b-day celebration, which was a somewhat impromptu gathering. The Kid's off to college this coming Thursday; she suggested coming over yesterday to celebrate her dad's birthday, which got me to thinking, "why not invite the whole family?" Anyway, we had a great time! I'm posting a few pictures; some I took, some my (very talented semi-pro photographer SIL) Analee took.
The Kid, Mark and Jon hanging out
Birthday Boy (photo courtesy of Analee)

We had food coming out of our ears; in a mostly Mexican theme. The jalapeño poppers were SMOKIN' (click here if you want the recipe) and, in typical I Am My Mother's Daughter fashion, I made a ton of burritos, two types of rice, homemade salsa, and a cool green tomato-cuke-avocado soup (for those who could eat it). Unfortunately, my German chocolate cake did a crack-act. Too humid; should have added more flour/less water. C'est la vie; it was eaten, all the same (the rest is going to work with Mr. B tomorrow as I do NOT need it around!)
German chocolate crack-cake (photo courtesy of Analee)
Grammy doing what she does best. Holly loved my crack-cake! (photo courtesy of Analee)
Holly seems to like to play with unusual toys! Here, sitting in the cat toy from my Father and Margot (photo courtesy of Analee)
And here "riding" Great Uncle Jack's decoy duck!
The future Senator from NC! (photo courtesy of Analee)
Living the life in the "Goodliest" land of NC: Grammy, Grandpa, Kendal and Holly (photo courtesy of Analee)

As for the rest of my ramble, here it 'tis:

Speaking of The Ramble; was very sorry to learn that one of my Father's favorite haunts, Thee Ramble Inn, burned down the other day. He's taken me there at least twice, maybe more, when I've been in Florida visiting. I even have a tee shirt (as does Mr. B). The beer was always reasonable and the staff friendly. RIP, Ramble.

So, yeah, The Kid is off to college this coming Thursday. She appears to be geared up for it with the most difficult aspect of it (for now) being leaving her dog. Mr. B told her we'd come visit "from time to time" to take her out to dinner (it being about an hour and a half away; not too far from the company that I still do occasional consulting for).
The Kid and her dad

Speaking of THAT, I still am. The other day I was in the salon getting my mani/pedi and looked over to see some man slumped in one of the pedi chairs taking a nap whilst getting his pedi (you don't see this too often, BTW; men in pedi chairs). Anyway, he was a DEAD RINGER for the guy who hired me two years ago (can't believe it's been two years). Of course, what would HE be doing in Raleigh getting a pedicure? Suffice it to say, it was not him. Thank God. I don't know what I would have thought to say.

I just received the disk of Lucy's photo shoot in the mail today. I don't have the particulars on ordering the calendar yet, but, they are forthcoming. Alert to those who may be interested; they are not terribly cheap. We won't be offended if you decide not to buy one.
Lucy begging for cookie crumbs from Analee (who also took this picture!)
Lucy is probably wondering why Analee is lying on the ground with her. Analee's pictures of Lucy were just as nice as the photographer's!

KB is coming tomorrow to stretch the carpets. Again. Long story short; the carpet is buckling again, I pitched a fit, and they are coming. Hey, if you don't ask, you don't receive. Let's hope this works but I'm not that optimistic since it didn't really work the last time.

This has meant that I had to remove all the books from our SIX book cases again. This served to remind me that we have a ton of books, many of which I've not read. The Kid's bathroom is loaded up with them; it's an interesting site. I should go take a picture!

I am working on a photo book of our cruise. It's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would to compile. I did one for our trip to Orlando last fall and I really liked the way that one turned out. This one, though, is already about twice its size. I'd best hurry so it's done before we go on our NEXT cruise in January. I was able to get Royal Caribbean to honor a coupon we received after we'd booked the cruise, even though it said we had to have it when we booked. Well, they sent it as an encouragement for us to book another cruise (which we already had), so, we had done what they wanted us to, just six weeks before they sent the coupon!

How many times does this happen to me! I buy something, anything; and, the very next day, there is a coupon for it in the mail or in the paper. This time, at least, it all worked out.

Using coupons does pay. I'm already up to $500 or so saved since February, just by using coupons (and I'm not even counting the dry cleaning coupons). This will go towards our vacation(s). People who don't use coupons (or sign up for My Points) are throwing money down the drain.

We wrapped up the execution of our updated wills last week. Such a fun thing to do, but, necessary. There are a few handwritten things we need to take care of, but, at least the major part of it is done (or, rather, redone). Sigh.

I was looking through pictures of my high school's annual reunion weekend (held last weekend in San Diego) on Facebook. I can see a bunch of people's pictures, even though we are not Friends. This is because some folks have no idea how to keep their information private. Anyway, in so doing, I came across one and, lo and behold, there was a lady who'd been a great friend of mine in high school. I've tried on several occasions to get back in touch with her; but, she never replies/reaches back. This makes me somewhat sad, but, whatever. I guess some people just don't want to be found. At least found by me :-)

We're off to the Yadkin Valley this weekend for a sojourn at a few of the wineries there (including a tour with one of the wine makers), a stay at a B&B, and dinner (for Mr. B's b-day) at what is supposed to be a real nice restaurant. At least the menu looks fantastic!

Then, a family reunion in September will mean a trip to Indiana. These two outings are helping my itchy feet syndrome somewhat. Mom opined the other day that I must have gypsy blood in me. I just like to travel. Anywhere. Ok, maybe not to Oklahoma.

Our pets are all fine. Knock on wood that there hasn't been a reoccurrence of Lucy's MCT. Her fur is growing back (that which isn't falling out due to the shed season, I mean!) The cats seem happy enough. Ares has developed an odd habit of wanting to hang out in the downstairs coat closet. I swear, he is one WERIDO cat. So, I let him; otherwise, he sits outside the door and howls. He also cries and carries on in the early morning hours. I think he's got some Siamese in him. Pete and Lily are getting through the summer by hanging in the bathroom; Lily in the sink

Fantastic picture of Lily taken by Analee last night!

and Pete sprawled out on the floor. Athena and Apollo are so little compared to the other three and still freak out a bit at times when we approach them. Apollo, though, will now tolerate Mr. B because he gives him (and the rest) turkey lunch meat in the mornings. Athena always looks bug-eyed.
Athena: "Nope. I am NOT coming out from under the bed, Analee!

It's been a LONG HOT summer. Here is hoping some refreshing changes in the weather (and other areas) will be upon us soon.

Oh and yes; seven years ago, I was just beginning my adventure in Italy (without my suitcase). I'll never regret what I did.

Mrs. B


Margot said...

Terrific pix, Amy. My compliments to the photographer!

Mr. B said...

Well, thanks for a great weekend and I'm looking forward to going to the Yadkin Valley with you next weekend.