Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cruise Vacation Blog Part Seven

26 May 2010 Enchantment of the Seas Day Seven: Labadee, Haiti!

Royal Caribbean has a private island on Labadee. This means that it has in essence nothing remotely resembling its original identity. That’s probably ok, considering most people on vacation don’t want to go to some miserly poor location, but, it doesn’t make for anything terribly special to remember, either. I’d read prior to leaving on vacation about Labadee; most of the reviews were along the lines of, “Yeah, get off the ship for awhile, maybe go zip-lining or ride the dragon roller coaster, but, it’s not that memorable”.

I have to agree.

We pulled in sometime around 9:00 am. It was already promising to be an extremely muggy day; overcast, with humidity dripping in the air. From the ship, the island looked like one you’d see in Disney World; “Typhoon Lagoon” or something like that.

Arriving into Labadee
Looking down from our balcony watching people getting off the ship
Mr. B with the Big Yellow Bag
Our stateroom is up there!

Once we were off the ship and roaming around, it DEFINITELY reminded me of a land at Disney World. “Haiti Haven”. But, hey, whatever. We’d really only planned on sacking out on the beach for awhile, reading, relaxing, etc.
Walking into Labadee

Someone brought us lounge chairs and we plopped down to enjoy the view of the water and watch the people zip-lining. I have to say, this does look like it might be sort of fun.

Believe it or not, Dr. Yummy was wandering around the beach offering the drink of the day (White Pearl; some sort of rum (of course) concoction that was terribly sweet). BTW, they actually broke the rum trend yesterday as the drink of the day was a Margarita.

View from our lounge chairs watching the zip-liners
Time to head back before it pours

Anyway, we had a pleasant enough afternoon but once it seemed we were about to get some rain, we high-tailed it back to the ship and to the Solarium. I was sorry we didn’t get to try some of the lunch they were serving on the island. Which brings me to a realization; after a week or so of having food and drink readily available at all times of the day and night; you find yourself not wanting to miss out on it, just in case it’s something really, really cool. Although, we DID forgo the midnight buffet (no way could I have eaten more food after just finishing up dinner at 10:30) a few nights ago and, even if I go look at whatever spread is there, I don’t usually take any of it. Except for the French fries. In “real life”, I hardly EVER eat French fries, but, for some reason, they are to die for on the ship.

Ok, I'm digressing here. Back to the Enchantment where we lazed about, safely covered from the downpour that eventually happened, out in the Solarium. Everyone on board is in extremely happy spirits, despite the fact we're on our way back to Norfolk now. But, of course, there are two full days at sea remaining.

Into our favorite place
And in our favorite spot

We went to some silly show tonight after dinner in the Spotlight Lounge called “Quest”. What made it pretty interesting, though, was that it was the audience participation that made up the entire show. Folks who wanted to “play” got together in teams of 10 or so. They were spread throughout the lounge; some up front, some on the sides, some in the way far back. The Cruise Director (who seemed to be having a terrific time) would stand in the middle of the dance floor and announce something he wanted the teams to bring him. Whatever representative from each team who got to him first got the most points, so on and so forth. The items in the “quest” started out simple enough; a Sea Pass card, a Cruise Compass (daily newsletter), etc. As the evening wore on, though, it became a tad more challenging (a man’s belt (without the man), a pair of nylons (without the woman) to the absolutely silly and inane (men wearing women’s shoes, women wearing men’s pants), etc. What was extremely amusing to watch was how much these people got into the game. They’d go running down to the dance floor, jumping over tables, people, etc., to get to the Cruise Director. Most of them were in their 20s and obviously have the time of their lives.

Suffice it to say, Mr. B and I were happy just to watch.

An aardvark. My sunglasses have been getting a lot of use!

Tomorrow…at sea!

Mrs. B


Mr. B said...

Funniest part about the show was when he wanted to see a thong of the flip flop variety!

Good summary, honey.


Mrs. B said...

I meant to include that in the posting! How funny that was; all those young ladies running up to the CD, bending over, and either flipping up their skirts or pulling down their pants to show him their thong-encased rear ends...when what he meant was thong SANDALS (e.g., flip flops). Or, maybe he knew exactly what would happen with that "quest", huh? Considering how many cruises he's been on/done that game!