Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lucy's Photo Shoot

Yesterday was the big day for Lucy; her photo shoot for the Richmond VA 2011 SPCA Dog Calendar!

We met the photographer, Amber Dawn, in Petersburg, VA last evening around 6:30 pm. Amber picked this particular place because a) it was a bit closer for us to get to than Richmond and b) it has a quaint historic downtown area.

First, though, preparation at home!

Lucy, for whatever reason, is going through the big molt-down. Seriously, hair is dropping off her like no one's business. So, we took the shedding blade to her for about 20 minutes. After that, she got a bath (something she really does not like) in order to get the "tarnish" off her neck from her pinch collar plus to remove more hair. After, I brushed her and took off still more hair.

Around 3:30, we got into the car for the 2 hour or so ride up to Petersburg. BO-RING drive. Nothing at all to see; but, at least the drive was uneventful.

We arrived in Petersburg WAY before our scheduled 6:30 appointment. So, we found that place that we were to meet Amber, then, went to fill up on gas, hit a restroom, and find a snack.

We finally located a McDonald's (note: Amber was correct when she told us Petersburg was not a place we'd want to stay at overnight; interesting from a Civil War buff perspective, but, the town itself doesn't appear to have re-cooperated from the Civil War; very depressed). We ended up getting ice cream cones for us and a small hamburger for Lucy.

Lucy ate the hamburger in one gulp. My ice cream was dripping all over me so we decided to give it to Lucy.
Lucy probably thought; "Long ride in the car and a hamburger and ice cream. Life is good!"

Actually, she wasn't entirely sure about the ice cream at first but she finally figured out she was supposed to lick it!
We went back over to old town Petersburg and wandered around a bit waiting for Amber Dawn.
Walking around Petersburg with Dad
Lucy and Mom

When she showed up, she took several pictures of us with Lucy in front of an old house (which used to be the tourist center). Then, time to get the shots of Goosie!

All told, she took pictures in several locations, including rail road tracks, up in a large window sill of a building, more steps, and near a fire hydrant. For each location, Mark would get Lucy in position and take off her leash. I was REALLY nervous about this; I mean, Lucy OFF leash? But, she was beautifully behaved and sat right where she was supposed to. She didn't really care for sitting on the rail road tracks and was a bit uncertain about why she was up in a window sill, but, all in all, she was perfect. Amber Dawn said she was the most obedient dog she'd photographed. Seriously? OUR Lucy? I was so proud of her!

The pictures will be available for viewing in a few days; I'll make sure interested parties have the link.

The calendar itself should be available for purchase towards the end of this week; again, I'll provide details on that.

After finishing up, we got back in the car and drove home. We'd thought about staying in the area for the night but decided it wasn't worth the hassle of finding a motel that took dogs and paying the extra money for the pet fee. Plus, the drive was pretty fast and easy.

So, we were back home by 9:00 pm. A long day, but well worth it!

Mrs. B


Analee said...

personally, i can't wait to see the pictures. she's such a gorgeous dog, and i love seeing other artists' work. so... yay!

Margot said...

Looking forward to pix of our beautifully behaved Lucy. (Must have been the hamburger & icecream cone.)