Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writing Takes Time

Something that I haven't seemed to have enough of lately. I finally posted my review of Enchantment of the Seas to Cruise Critic; this review took me forever to write and, in reading some of the other (lame) reviews out there, I suppose I spent more time than I needed to on it.

Anyway, I'm alive. I'll try and post a ramble/update soon. I also have a few ideas for Blog topics; the one that comes to mind right now is how to dispel the myth the the only people that cruise do so for the midnight buffets.


Mrs. B


Doc said...

It's definitely not for cheap booze.

Mrs. B said...

No, it wasn't cheap per se but it was not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. We had pre-ordered a wine package so we got our wine with dinner cheaper than had we ordered a bottle each night off the regular wine list.

The drinks of the day(usually rum something or another) were $5. I was expecting them to get weaker but they really didn't; in fact, the pool dudes routinely went around with bottles of rum topping people's drinks off after they'd had several swigs.

The frozen foo foo drinks (my favorite was the frozen mojito) were around $7-$8 a pop but definitely not weak.

Still and again, our tab at the end was three pages long...ouch.

Analee said...

i don't think we ever did a midnight buffet. well, maybe we did one of the midnight dessert ones, but i don't think we ate much of anything. it was more for the "art" of it. plus, the line was horrific and all the old ladies ate all the good stuff.

still, though, a cruise would be nice. too bad we'll be not taking any for a good, long while. :(

Mrs. B said...

"All the old ladies ate the good stuff". Now, THAT is funny (and true).