Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updates and Random Stuff

Ah, I'm thinking about how Enchantment of the Seas is departing Norfolk today for the Eastern Caribbean (the same route we took two weeks ago) for the last time. After this, she'll move to Baltimore because, apparently, since Norfolk is not a hub for a major airline, it's been difficult attracting passengers. You could have fooled me, though; the ship was almost full and most folks were from Virginia and surrounding states. Oh well. Anyway, my point is, I sorta wish we were back on that ship!
Yes, life goes on, I know. And, we have to live our normal life with all its ups and downs, hard work, stress, boring times, etc., in order to earn (and appreciate) our nice vacations.
Speaking of which, I WILL get pictures posted sooner or later. Part One is up on Facebook; too bad I cannot link the two but then all y'all who don't know who I really am...would.
I also plan on writing a series on our adventures on the cruise, but, I've been distracted by life here in Durham.
So, my updates.
Lucy the Goose remains at the vet. I was going to go pick her up this past Tuesday but when I talked to the vet, he really thought she'd be better off staying one more week. I did go and visit her, though. Man, was she bouncing off the walls; obviously, she's no longer on sedatives! From what I could tell, the wound site looked better, but, she was still wearing her bucket.
I'll get her next Tuesday and hopefully, she'll be much improved/off the bucket.
In the meantime, the cats are probably thinking they've got the rule of the roost now. They'll be in for a major surprise when she returns. Lily has taken to dragging Lucy's toys upstairs; something we cannot quite figure out WHY she's doing it. Yesterday morning, I found Lucy's baby; this morning, she'd dragged up both bear and kitty. Pete has decided he wants to chew the rubber stripping on the bottom of the shower door, so, we now have to keep it closed all the time. He is working on noodling out how to open the door on his own. Given the fact that he's opened the screen doors a few times, he might just do it.
The Little Kids are now 14 months old. Come tomorrow, it will be a year since they came to us as The Greek Gang. Apollo, although shy of people he does not know (ask Uncle Jon), has taken to being fairly brave around us. The other two, Ares and Athena, are not quite as friendly but they have their moments when they want affection. By far, though, they are the WORST when it comes to giving them Frontline (Athena hissed at me) and getting brushed. All three of them seem relatively small to me, too; but, that could be only because Pete and Lily are so much bigger than they are. It's not for lack of trying to gain weight; they are little pigs.
Believe it or not, The Kid is graduating from high school next Saturday and turns 18 the following Friday. We plan on having a small celebration here June 11th with her Grandma B, my parents, and us. We know this is a busy time for her so we're probably lucky we're getting to do this. Turns out, too, that her mother surprised her with a two week trip to Europe.
The pleasant news is, as just mentioned, Mom B is coming for a visit next week. We'll look forward to seeing her/spending time talking and maybe even doing something fun. And, right before she arrives, we're double-dating with Jon and Shannon for dinner and seeing the musical "Beauty and the Beast" at the DPAC. Sister Kathy is coming for a brief visit (staying with mom and dad) so I'm sure we'll be seeing her, too. Oh, and book club is meeting here this coming Monday; a fun bunch of ladies discussing a wonderful book, "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet".
After that, it'll be sorta quiet but I think I'll have some projects to work on via my consulting practice, so, it'll be a good time to do that AND get the house spring cleaned (a bit late) and go through THE BIG PURGE. Seriously, I plan on going room to room, closet to closet, and tossing stuff; either for Goodwill or the trash. And, who knows, maybe a few items for Craig's List.
Guess this is all the ramble for now. I'll be back soon with pictures/cruise adventures!
Mrs. B

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Analee said...

we need to have a yard sale. we have too much stuff that is practically new to just donate. like, baby stuff. i lovvvveeeeeee getting rid of stuff. ;) i'm the anti-clutter-bug!

we have such a busy week ahead of us too. wedding is next saturday, i have a whole day of doctor appts next wednesday, the fairels will be here... plus rob's cousin, matt, is pitching for the mudcats now and they'll be in town for a couple of days when they are here. so, i guess we'll have to see him pitch (and visit with him too).