Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recent Pet Pictures

Real recent; yesterday, in fact. I'm trying to put together our 2009 Holiday Card/Picture. So, I needed some decent recents!
What do you think?
Mrs. B




Margot said...

I think you have a "more at ease" pic of Lily? She looks belligerent here and she isn't!

The other pix are great: Lucy begging for attention; Pete looking regal; the Gray Kitties doing their stuff.

Mrs. B said...

As pretty as Lily is, she's not the most photogenic cat. I'll have to get out the camera and try and get some more. All the other ones I have (where she looks sweet) are too many months old.

Analee said...

so you'll be chasing her around with the camera today? lol. kendal and holly are tired of my (the borrowed) camera. they won't even look at it anymore.

Mrs. B said...

I found one from July that is cute. So, my card is done!!!!!