Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am a bit remiss on posting this entry!
We ended up going over to brother Jon's Saturday to go trick or treating with them, the girls and my mom and dad (followed by adult conversation, beverages, and dinner). I can't remember the last time I went out trick or treating; I'm pretty sure it may have been when I used to take my brothers out years and years ago in Tierrasanta.
Anyway, Shannon made the girls' costumes. Sophie was an angel (complete with halo and harp) and Jacqueline was a devil (with a pitch fork that she did not like and a cute little devil's tail). No, it is not really indicative of their personalities (their mom and dad assuring everyone who asked along the route of this!)
Sophie got into the gig pretty quickly; she figured out that people were giving her something good, even though she wasn't sure what (having no concept of what candy is) or that she wouldn't be eating any of it (that task going to her mom and dad).

After the first house, she somehow dropped her candy bar and realized it; starting to fret until Uncle Mark went back and found it.
She was quite possessive of her little pail.
Jacqueline, on the other hand, was not really thrilled with what was going on. She was definitely not impressed with Grammy's witch costume
and was entirely freaked out by Grandpa (no one knows, incidentally, what, exactly, he was supposed to be!)

BTW, I DID attempt to wear something of a costume; I had a shirt I bought that said "Trick or Treat" and I found a deeply discounted long wig and a kitty mask at Kroger. However, the long wig got tangled up plus the cats were following me around trying to climb up the hair and the kitty mask mashed my eyelashes so forget that.
Mr. B said he should have brought his 10-key so that he could have been a CPA. How original!
Mrs. B


Analee said...

looks like fun! cute costumes!

one year, halloween was on a thursday and i wore the SAME thing i wore on wednesday. someone asked me finally (like after the whole day had passed, i was wondering if anyone would ever notice) if i wore that outfit yesterday and i said "yes, this is my costume!" he said "what is it then?" ... "i am me yesterday!" ha!

Margot said...

Cute kids! & cute, imaginative costumes!! I think Butch is a Klansman in mourning.