Saturday, November 7, 2009

Florida Vacation Summary

Wow, it was three weeks ago today (already) that we left for our wonderful vacation! Time sure flies. Although it's nice to be home (sure missed our pets), at times, I really wish we were back wondering around Epcot!
Here is a summary of our trip; I'll blog later about what we ate (and drank) at the festival.
17 October 2009
We left home at 6:11 am; just a few minutes late! All cats were accounted for before we went out the door (just in case one decided to try and sneak into the car and go with us!) Four were watching us as we left; Pete (for whatever reason) was hiding underneath our bed. We're on the road now as I write this (obviously I am not driving); near Lumberton. Crazy-ass drivers abound as usual. We're glad to be going on vacation!
19 October 2009
Although it was a long drive, it was an uneventful one to Ocala. We had a very pleasant evening with Mom and Dad B.
Poor Mark is not feeling the best (allergies/sinuses) so we got him some medicine and he took a nap before we left Ocala for Orlando while I had a nice chat with Mom B. We left Ocala around 2:45 yesterday with me driving as Mark was still on sleepy pills.
The resort is quite nice. I always worry that we'll get some shitty room or that we'll get hassled about attending a timeshare presentation but we didn't get any hassle and our villa is just fine. It's a bit removed from the "main" area, but, actually, this is okay with us as it is very quiet. It's laid out nicely; the guest bedroom/bath near the entrance/kitchen; good-sized dining room area/family room and a great master suite with a huge spa tub and its own lanai. The guest bedroom has a lanai (smaller) as well. Too bad we are not allowed to smoke our cigars out there but Marriott has a 100% smoke free policy (I was told smoking was only allowed in the parking lot!)

We went to Publix (love that store) and got stuff for dinner (tons of other timeshare/resort guests doing the same thing). We had hamburgers and asparagus, then, played cards, got into the tub, etc.
Peri and Michael arrive late tonight; probably after 10. Mark and I plan on going to Animal Kingdom and maybe Epcot today; also, we need to find an ABC store.
So far, so good!
We did go to Animal Kingdom where there are a few fun rides. I really liked the Mt. Everest ride (not its actual name, can't remember now what it's called). Quite a surprise "ending", though, so I won't spoil it for anyone who has not been on it yet!
We went over to one of the resort outdoor bar/grill joints for a late lunch, then, took a nap so we wouldn't be zonked when Peri and Michael arrived. Good thing, since they didn't get here until after 11 (they got lost; not hard to do in this area at night).
Regardless, we stayed up LATE (to 1 or so) catching up!
We went to Epcot for the majority of the day and thoroughly enjoyed the IF&WF. They've made some improvements to the process since we were last there in 2006, namely, the pre-paid cards you can purchase (to make the procedure at each kiosk at bit easier) are now on these little bracelet/wrist bands. Towards the end of the evening, we took the Monorail over to Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, they were having one of those silly Halloween parties so we were only able to stay for about an hour before we got kicked out. We went on a few rides in Fantasy Land (AKA Stroller Hell Land). After we left the parks, we went back over to Publix to get items for an impromptu dinner. Mark thought he was getting a box of chicken wings but, when we got back to the villa, he realized he had an WHOLE rotisserie chicken! After eating, we played Who Knew (Woo Nu), which was a riot! Discovered Michael likes bats, ha ha ha.
After trying to find an adapter cord for Peri's "sleep" machine (a fruitless endeavor), we went back to Magic Kingdom for several hours. Now, here is a weird freaky thing. We took the Monorail over from Epcot. In the car with us was this woman, who was by herself and looked quite grouchy. She kept giving us the stink-eye (maybe because we were all together and probably looked like we were having a lot of fun because we were). Anyway, after going on several rides (including Splash Mountain, where we got soaked), we took the Monorail back to to Epcot. When we got off and were walking down the ramp from the station, I turned around and saw that same grouchy woman walking behind us! What are the odds? Creepy.
Anyway, we once again enjoyed wandering around the festival. It takes us about 2 hours (or so) to get around the world showcase. We made it around twice before we called it quits and went back to the resort where the rest of us decided to hang out and smoke a few cigars with Peri while she smoked . There is a raccoon hanging about the resort; quite unafraid, too.

Peri and I hung out by the pool while Mark and Michael went grocery shopping. It wasn't exactly the nicest weather (it rained) but we did get a few foo-foo drinks in. Later, Michael stayed in the villa making dessert; Mark came out for a beer.
Margot came at 3:30 and we enjoyed a great pot roast dinner + Michael's pie (quite rich). We stayed up WAY TOO LATE talking but it was worth it.
After a yummy breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits (courtesy of Mr. B), we said good-bye to Maargot and hit Disney Hollywood Studios today. Michael and I braved Tower of Terror (loved it). We only went on a few other rides, including a roller coaster in the dark based on Aerosmith music (you have to see it to believe it).

Then, back over to Epcot for several glorious hours! Some lady with a stroller almost ran over Mark.
Peri and Michael leave tomorrow; we'll go over to Epcot one last time Saturday and then head back to Ocala Sunday for the afternoon/evening before our long drive home Monday.
25 October 2009
We had a real nice time at Epcot yesterday although it was REALLY crowded and HOT.
We left the resort around 9:30 am today for Ocala. Again, we had a nice visit with Mom and Dad B, including sitting outside by the pool for several hours in the pleasant fall Florida sunshine!
We decided going to the IF&WF at Epcot every three years is about right!
Trip Pros
-Visiting with Mom and Dad B and Margot
-The resort/villa
-Having Peri and Michael with us
-The International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot
-Playing games
Trip Cons
-The pillows were awful (this is always one of my cons!)
-Surly maids
-Strollers/rude people at Disney World
-Expensive liquor store near Publix
Mrs. B

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Margot said...

I had a grand time w/you & Mark. Great to see Peri & Michael again. Thanx to the guys who remained polite while Amy, Peri, I chewed over old times.

I thought your condo terrific. Spacious. Beautiful views of woods and golf course. Quitet